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EGEB: No. 1 wind state Texas to add record solar by end of 2022

texas solar

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Texas is expected to add record utility-scale solar in the next two years.
  • West Virginia’s electric car drivers made a film about why they chose to embrace electric.
  • The Welsh capital of Cardiff is getting 36 e-buses – the largest order outside of London to date.
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EGEB: Minnesota’s largest utility files to replace coal plants with huge solar

Minnesota coal solar

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Xcel Energy has filed to replace its coal plants with what would be the largest solar farm in Minnesota.
  • A Clean Cars Illinois program would create jobs and save money.
  • UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. Click here to learn more and get your quotes. — *ad.
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Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: knockoff electric Hummer with a small catch

So here’s the thing: I’d love to have a brand-new GM electric Hummer when it comes out. It’d scratch my itch for adrenalized American excess without making me think too critically about my own contribution to the inevitable destruction of our world and everything we hold dear. The only problem is that I don’t have $80,000+ burning a hole in my pocket to plunk down on that beast of an EV.

But if you’re like me and are hoping to find a more affordable way to get your electric Hummer groove on, then you’ll want to check out this ridiculous knock-off electric Hummer straight from the coolest parts bin on the internet: Alibaba!

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How the US can achieve resilient power grids and support EV deployment

US power grids

Electrek‘s Michelle Lewis asked Anthony Allard, EVP, head of North America, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, how the US can make its power grids more resilient and better support clean energy, and what Hitachi ABB is doing to support large-scale electric vehicle deployment.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids digitizes all elements of the energy value chain and brings power grids into a sustainable energy future. In July, Hitachi ABB announced Grid eMotion Fleet, an EV charging system for large-scale public transport and commercial mobility. The company will also be providing energy storage systems to support large-scale EV deployments. 

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Six US utilities form Electric Highway Coalition in Southeast, Midwest

EVgo charging station

Six utilities today announced the formation of the Electric Highway Coalition. It’s a plan to ensure that electric vehicle drivers have access to a network of charging stations on major highway systems on the Atlantic coast, in the Midwest and South, and in the Gulf and Central Plains regions.

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Shell buys Ubitricity, UK’s largest EV charging network

Shell EV charging

Royal Dutch Shell said today that it is acquiring 100% of Ubitricity, the UK’s largest public electric vehicle charging network. The amount of the acquisition is undisclosed, and the deal is expected to close later in 2021.

But Shell’s true road map to net zero by 2050 won’t become more clear until next month’s strategy update.

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Did Aston Martin publish fake emission numbers about EVs?

A number of UK press outlets covered a report that claims that electric vehicles need to travel 50,000 miles before its carbon footprint is better than an ICE vehicle. We’ve seen this type of report debunked many times in the past so we didn’t think it was worth our time. But a number of big UK publications ran with it.

It looks like this report could have been a sleight of hand from British luxury maker Aston Martin and a “sock puppet” PR agency, according to two electric vehicle experts who did some digging.

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China plans 2035 gas car ban that doesn’t actually ban gas cars

Beijing traffic

China plans to require that all new cars sold after 2035 be eco-friendly “new energy vehicles” according to Nikkei Asia. The plans were announced in a future road map for new energy vehicles and will be regulated under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The specifics of the plan state that as of 2035, 50% of new cars sold in the country will be either electric, plug-in hybrid, or fuel cell vehicles, and 50% of new cars will be conventional hybrids, which still run entirely on gasoline.

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Electric cars will triple market share in Europe in 2020

Tesla Model 3 Europe

Electric cars will triple their market share in Europe this year as a result of EU car emissions targets, according to a new report released today from Transport & Environment (T&E), a European umbrella group for non-governmental organizations that work in transport and the environment, and promote sustainable transport in Europe.

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Drive Electric Week starts Sept 24 with virtual events through Oct 4

Drive Electric Week is going online this year — on its 10th anniversary — with events centered around electric vehicle advocacy. Most events will be virtual, though some local in-person events will be held — far fewer than in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic (wear your masks!). A full list and map of events can be found on Plug In America’s website.

The week kicks off Thursday, September 24, at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT, with an “all-star” event featuring longtime EV advocates Bill Nye and Leilani Munter. Its host will be NPR’s Peter Sagal. It will be streamed on Facebook Live (no account required to watch). Register here to get more information via email, or find the event on Sierra Club’s Facebook page.

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