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Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: This sweet $1,250 side-car electric bike

Electric bicycles are all about putting a smile on your face while taking the pain out of cycling. I’ve seen macho men hop on their first electric bike and roll around giggling like a toddler. And what could be better than sharing that kind of fun with a passenger in an old-fashioned sidecar? Today’s entry in the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series is just that – an electric bicycle that takes a cue from old-school sidecar motorcycles.

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Specialized Turbo Como SL review: Why a high-dollar comfort electric bike can be worth it

specialized turbo como SL 5

When I think of the bicycle company Specialized, I tend to think of their hardcore road bikes, or perhaps their mountain bikes. They make awesome models of both, though as an e-bike journalist I find myself particularly drawn to their Turbo line of electric road and e-mountain bikes. But until I learned about the company’s Turbo Como line, I didn’t realize how awesome their “Active” line of comfort cruising-around bikes were. And the latest Specialized Turbo Como SL brings a whole new level of approachability (and lightweight design) to the e-bike line.

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I took the ultra-affordable RadMission electric bike off-roading — here’s how it went

I first found my way into electric bicycles over 10 years ago as a form of alternative urban transportation. But lately I’ve been getting more into gravel riding for fitness. And in my never-ending quest to find more affordable ways to help get people onto their first electric bicycle, I decided to take a value-priced e-bike on a gravel ride to see how it would go.

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