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Tesla applies for 6 new trademarks to sell solar energy under the ‘Tesla’ brand

tesla-motors-solar trademark

Last week, Elon Musk announced his plan for Tesla to acquire SolarCity and fold the solar installer’s operations into Tesla’s own business. The offer is still contingent on board approval and shareholder votes at both companies,  but Electrek has now learned that the automaker is going ahead with trademark applications to sell solar products under its ‘Tesla’ brand. Expand

Tesla officially applies for Model 3 trademark: “three equal length horizontal stylized lines”

model 3 trademark

If you needed more proof that Tesla hopes to use three horizontal lines to advertise the Model 3 – even after the company sent out the official invites for unveiling – now Electrek learned that the automaker officially submitted an application for the trademark in the “Automobiles and structural parts” class.

Tesla filed the application last week and it is now under review. The automaker describes the mark in its application:

“The mark consists of three equal length horizontal stylized lines in the manner of a horizontal stylized roman numeral III.”

The company makes no reference to the mark being identical to the “E” in Tesla’s logo. Expand