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Tesla solar and Powerwall keep the lights on during Puerto Rico power outage

Ever since the island of Puerto Rico’s power grid was destroyed by hurricanes last year, power outages have plagued the island.

Tesla has been focusing on deploying solar and energy storage on the island in order to help get power back to more people quicker.

One homeowner with a Tesla Powerwall and solar array shows how it can keep the lights on and run off-grid during outages. Expand

Tesla’s solar strategy shift linked to overall market fall in installations

When it was still called ‘SolarCity’, Tesla’s solar business was so strong in the residential market that it was installing over 30% of the solar arrays in the US.

Some assumed that SolarCity was riding the growth of the industry while others suggested that the company was driving that growth.

But now that Tesla acquired the company and shifted their strategy toward fewer installations with higher profit margin, they are linked to an overall fall in installations in the market. Expand