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Kreisel Electric

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Kreisel’s new $1 million classic converted to electric Porsche 910 will power your home

Kreisel Electric, a small startup launched by three brothers in Austria, has been making a name for itself in Europe for having retrofitted some popular European-built electric (and non-electric) vehicles with their own battery packs and significantly increasing their range in the process. We reported on their VW e-Golf with a 55 kWh battery pack and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class made by Kreisel.

Now the company unveils their latest project: a classic Porsche 910 converted to all-electric with a custom powertrain. Expand

Arnold Schwarzenegger will now drive a new custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class made by Kreisel Electric


Over the past few years, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a mission to address climate change and that’s a big change for a guy who used to have a Hummer collection and who is credited to being partly responsible for the commercial version of the gas-guzzling monster.

He still likes big off-road vehicles, but now he managed to get one more aligned with his new environmentally conscious lifestyle. His new custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class doesn’t consume a drop of gas thanks to the latest conversion of Kreisel Electric. Expand

Kreisel starts construction of new 800MWh battery factory for high energy density packs for EVs


Kreisel Electric, a little Austrian startup making some waves in the battery industry, announced that it started construction of a new battery factory to manufacture up to 800 MWh of high energy density li-ion battery packs aimed at the electric vehicle industry.

It’s not a Gigafactory with a 50 GWh planned output or with battery cell production, but it’s still a significant plant with 0.8 GWh planning to come online as soon as next year in Rainbach, Austria. Expand