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The Netherlands’ ban on gas-powered cars ‘likely to become law’, all new cars electric by 2025

fastned tesla map chademo

Earlier this year, we reported on the Dutch Labour Party’s initiative to instate a ban on new gas and diesel car sales in the Netherlands by 2025.  Since then other countries started discussing similar possibilities to phase out gas-powered cars on a comparable timeline.

India recently confirmed that it is evaluating a scheme for all its fleet to be electric by 2030 and the Norwegian government is discussing a similar mandate by 2025.

The initiative has since passed in the lower house of the Netherlands’ parliament and it is now seen by some as “likely to become law”. Expand

Tesla Model S deliveries are up 25% in the Netherlands – record deliveries in March [Chart]

Tesla Model S promo shot

The Netherlands is an important market for Tesla. It’s the automaker’s second biggest market in Europe, behind Norway, though technically it was Tesla’s third biggest European market in 2015 because of the temporary surge in sales in Denmark ahead of this year’s tax increase for electric vehicles.

But now that Tesla’s sales are virtually nonexistent in Denmark following the price increase, the Netherlands is back as the second biggest market in Europe and things are looking good for 2016. Expand