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Tesla dashcam saves owner from legal trouble after motorcyclist crashes into him

tesla crash motorcycle dashcam

There’s been no shortage of crazy occurrences captured by Tesla’s dashcam and sentry mode features lately, many of which have gone viral.  Lots of these videos have involved Tesla crashes, random incidents of vandalism, or just fun stuff like a car stopping for some bears crossing the road.

But TMC forum user “rajetta” may be the most relieved owner of all the stories we’ve heard yet.  He posted Tesla dashcam video of an incident he had with a motorcycle on the highway, which could have cost him potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills were it not for this video footage.


Tesla Autopilot camera stores footage after a crash like a dashcam – here’s an example


Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, this is not a “Tesla Autopilot accident”. It’s a Tesla Model S hitting an Acura at an intersection. The Autopilot was not engaged and the Automatic Emergency Braking is believed to have kicked in though we can’t confirm it – more on that later.

What is interesting about this accident is that it confirms that Tesla’s Autopilot camera can be used to a certain degree as a dashcam to capture the circumstances of an accident. Expand