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Regenerative Braking

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GM announces Bolt EV’s ‘one pedal’ driving with regenerative braking

Chevy bolt EV energy screen

Today, GM officially announced the Bolt EV’s capacity for ‘one pedal’ driving with customizable regenerative braking settings. While the capacity to drive only or mostly using the accelerator pedal, commonly known as the gas pedal, is not entirely new in electric vehicles, GM is pushing the idea a little further in the Bolt EV with different driving modes to get the most out of the experience.

Regenerative braking, the ability to recoup energy during deceleration, is one of the coolest things about electric vehicles because it offers so many advantages. It’s great from an energy standpoint since you get energy from deceleration, which would generally be lost from friction on  your brake pads, but consequently, you are also preserving your mechanical brakes. Expand