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Specialized Turbo Como SL review: Why a high-dollar comfort electric bike can be worth it

specialized turbo como SL 5

When I think of the bicycle company Specialized, I tend to think of their hardcore road bikes, or perhaps their mountain bikes. They make awesome models of both, though as an e-bike journalist I find myself particularly drawn to their Turbo line of electric road and e-mountain bikes. But until I learned about the company’s Turbo Como line, I didn’t realize how awesome their “Active” line of comfort cruising-around bikes were. And the latest Specialized Turbo Como SL brings a whole new level of approachability (and lightweight design) to the e-bike line.

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2,200W e-bike review: The full-suspension Super Monarch Crown AWD hunter edition

Being able to ride an e-bike on an assortment of trails is one thing. But being able to continue with overland riding once the trail has ended takes an entirely different type of e-bike. When you’re cutting your path through fields, forests and deserts, a powerful all-wheel drive e-bike like the Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500 can absolutely get it done.

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EUNORAU FAT-HS Review: Let the monster loose

EUNORAU is staking their claim of the American wilderness, with the release of their updated FAT-HS bike. With dual suspension, dual batteries, and an overpowered mid-drive motor, the bike is perfectly capable of carrying staunch adventurers back to nature. If you ever wanted to get out on single track trails, this wouldn’t be the bike to do it. But for fire roads and even commuting to the trail, you’re in the right place with this beastly heavy bike. Check out the video below, where you can see a day’s adventure on the FAT-HS.

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NIU NQi GT review: This fast two-seater electric scooter kept me car-free for the last 6 months

niu NGT electric scooter

Last fall I walked into my local NIU dealership and rolled out on a shiny new black-and-red NIU NQi GT electric scooter. I’ve been steadily putting on the miles, though between lockdowns and traveling (believe it or not!), I haven’t ridden as much as I would have liked. But having now zoomed past 1,000 km (600 miles) on the odometer, I figure it’s time to let you know my full thoughts on this fun-loving city-conquering electric scooter.

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Review: Soon-to-be-released 28 mph urban electric mountain bike PXCycle E-XC+

Portland-based PXCycle’s E-XC series of urban electric mountain bikes was already popular with its rider base. But now the bike shop is launching a new version of the e-bike that takes it another step further.

With a new mid-drive motor and the same rugged utility-oriented design, this is an e-bike you’ll definitely want to check out.

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RadMini e-bike review: Why you need this folding fat tire electric bike in your life

radmini rad power bikes

The Rad Power Bikes RadMini is the Swiss Army knife of the fat tire e-bike world. It offers all of the diverse riding advantages of fat tire e-bikes while providing surprising portability to take it just about anywhere.

Whether on grass, dirt, or asphalt, the RadMini can do just about anything most e-bike riders could ever need.

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Zooz 750 Review: The wedding sneakers of e-bikes

Texas-based Zooz has made a wildly fun and stunning electric bike in a unique space uncovered by bike companies. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you made an electric bike ride like a BMX and a Buick, then you’re not alone. Zooz has done that and much more with the gorgeous Zooz 750 reviewed here. While it’s loads of fun and can be useful sometimes, it doesn’t fit into traditional e-bike categories, except for one, sort of.

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Ride1UP LMT’D e-bike review: High-quality e-bike prices are coming down!

ride1up LMT'd

The Ride1Up LMT’D electric bicycle is a great example of a recent trend we’re seeing in the e-bike industry. Companies are starting to outfit their e-bikes with higher-spec parts while keeping prices reasonable. And that makes the Ride1Up LMT’D an easy e-bike to recommend.

In my testing of the bike I found it to be an excellent candidate for anyone that needs a comfortable, well-built e-bike for urban riding, and who wants a bike with slightly better and more rugged components than a typical value e-bike.

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After reviewing hundreds of electric bikes, these are my favorites this year

csc ft750 electric bicycle

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of throwing my leg over hundreds of electric bicycles. And with the skyrocketing popularity of e-bikes this year, 2020 saw me doing more electric bicycle reviews than ever before.

With so many unique advantages among the many different bikes, I’ve chosen my favorite models from several different categories of e-bikes below.

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RadMission e-bike review: Rad Power Bikes’ best (and most affordable) electric bike yet?

radmission review

The RadMission electric bicycle from Rad Power Bikes is one of the company’s most interesting e-bikes to date. While it makes a few modest compromises to hit its impressive $1,099 price point (and is on sale as a bundle for $200 off right now through Black Friday), it scores big wins in most categories, making this an incredibly high bang-for-your-buck e-bike.

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