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Arcadia Power offers a clean source of energy for your home, get a $20 gift card with sign-up

For anyone who cares about the planet, selecting an energy supplier can be difficult. You don’t want to encourage fossil fuels, but you can’t afford to pay more. The answer? With Arcadia Power, you don’t need to choose — in fact, you might save money. Right now, you can get a $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for a free account. To preserve our planet for future generations, it’s important that we cut down on using fossil fuels. Unfortunately, most providers still rely heavily on coal and gas. In contrast, Arcadia Power connects with solar projects and wind farms around the country and negotiates a low price on your behalf. This means you get clean, green energy at an affordable price. You don’t even need to switch provider — Arcadia Power just replaces fossil fuels with renewable alternatives. To get started, you simply sign up online and connect your utility account. Arcadia Power then finds you the cheapest green energy and calculates your bill. You can easily see exactly what you are paying, how much you have saved, and how much green energy you’re using. It’s that simple. Head over to Arcadia Power now and sign up for a free account to claim your $20 Amazon gift card. More Green Deals below.