Best heat shields and sun shades for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

Everyone knows that heat shields for your windshield are a must-buy — especially if you live in warmer climates or are commonly parking in direct sunlight. Whether it’s because you need to keep your electronics (SSD storage, anyone?) in working order or just keep your seats cool in the summer, keep your new Tesla comfortable and preserve its interior from the harsh sun with one of our heat shield picks.

Best windshield heat shields for Model 3/Model Y

HeatShield Original Windshield Sun Shade for Model 3

Electrek’s basic heat shield pick.

This is your run-of-the-mill heat shield for the Tesla Model 3. It’s a 3-layer build that can keep your car significantly cooler than it would be otherwise — unroll it, prop it up behind the rear view mirror, and you’re good to go. This one tends to go for around $40.

Auto safety The Original Heat Shield

Super budget pick for Model 3.

If you’re looking for a good-but-cheap windshield heat shield for the Model 3, this is a well-reviewed option. It will get the job done protecting the inside of your car at a price that is borderline throwaway.

Sumk Glass Roof Sun Shade for Model 3

Electrek’s pick.

The huge glass roof atop your Tesla is great for maximizing your view while driving, and it can be a surreal experience for anyone that has never driven a car with a glass roof before, but practically speaking, it can be a bit much. That’s why we picked out a few sun shades for your new Tesla to tamper down the sun.

This basic sun shade for Tesla Model 3 comes in two main pieces — one for the rear window and one for the glass roof overhead.

Best windshield heat shields for Model S/Model X

HeatShield Original Windshield Sun Shade for Model S

Our Model 3 pick, but for Model S.

This is the same as our Tesla Model 3 pick for the best heat shield, but this one’s made for Model S. This windshield sun shade also goes for around $40 and is very easy to use and store.

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