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Top 15 Tesla accessories you must have

It has now been two years since Tesla started production of the Model 3, and the aftermarket accessory space has evolved a lot, with a fleet of hundreds of thousands of electric cars out there.

There are now many must-have Tesla accessories and several luxuries that are worth considering.

Here we list some of our favorites.

When you get a new Tesla Model 3, it comes fairly well equipped, but it still needs a few accessories — some like any other cars, and others specifically for the Model 3.

Some of the items on the list are not “needed” per se, but they are very convenient and make the Tesla ownership experience better in my opinion.

I tested many different products in order to compile a list of what I believe are the best accessories for Tesla vehicles and mainly the Model 3.

Here’s a quick list, and further down you can read more about each of them:

  1. 500 GB external SSD ($120 on Amazon – now $50 off) for TeslaCam and Sentry Mode.
  2. 4-port Anker USB hub ($18 on Amazon) again for TeslaCam and Sentry Mode
  3. Tesla Model 3 wireless phone charging pad ( $46 on Amazon)
  4. Tesla Model 3 center console wrap ($30 on Amazon)
  5. Tesla Model 3 center console liner ($15 on Amazon)
  6. Tesla Model 3 center console organizer ($16 on Amazon)
  7. Tesla Model 3 center screen protector ($20 on Amazon)
  8. Portable air compressor pump for Tesla ($35 on Amazon)
  9. Tesla Model 3 all weather floor mats ($80 on Amazon)
  10. Tesla Model 3 door sill clear protection vinyl ($20 on Amazon)
  11. Standard rollup windshield heatshield for Model 3 ($40 on Amazon)
  12. Tesla Model 3 sunshade for top and rear glass roof ($76 on Amazon)
  13. Tesla Model 3 non-slip chrome performance foot pedals ($31 on Amazon)
  14. Tesla Model 3 “door open” button label sticker set ($10 on Amazon)
  15. Waterless car washing kit to keep your Tesla clean ($38 on Amazon)

Tesla accessories

TeslaCam and Sentry Mode Accessories

Tesla did a great job by deploying dashcam features using its Autopilot cameras, but you need some accessories to make the features work.

The good news is that it is fairly simple: Technically, you simply need a flash drive plugged into one of the two USB ports in the center console, but there are also ways to make the experience a lot better.

First off, I recommend more than a USB flash drive, especially if you plan to regularly use Sentry Mode. It racks up footage pretty quickly and if you don’t want to be cleaning your drive too often, because hopefully nothing happens to your car, more robust storage can be useful.

Secondly, if you want to still be able to use the included wired phone chargers, or upgrade to a wireless charging pad, you are going to need to plug your drive in a USB hub.

I recommend a 4-port Anker USB hub ($18 on Amazon) with a 500 GB external SSD ($120 on Amazon, now $50 off).

However, if you want to go all out, you can also opt for the Jeda Tesla Model 3 USB hub instead of a regular USB hub:

At $80 on Tesla’s website, it’s not cheap, but it results in a seamless integration in the Model 3 center console, and it enables you to hide your TeslaCam/Sentry Mode hard drive/USB-stick.

Either way, you will be all set to use Tesla’s dashcam features with any of those configurations.

Tesla Model 3 wireless phone charging pad

Tesla’s wired phone charging system is nice, but it has annoying limitations. For example, if you’re using a case, it’s almost useless.

Most phones have wireless charging capability with the Qi standard these days, and it makes for an easier experience.

The popularity of the Model 3 made it so it was worth it for electronics companies to build custom wireless charging pads that fit perfectly into the Model 3’s center console.

I highly recommend those. Personally, I have a Nomad wireless charger: Seth and Jeff have the Jeda wireless charger.

However, I got the Nomad charger when there was nothing else on the market, and now it’s definitely expensive compared to other options.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really well-built and works perfectly. Nomad should be commended for leading the way with Model 3 wireless charging pads. Jeda is also very high quality.

It’s just that there are now cheaper options that are less than $50, like some of the highly-rated Model 3 wireless pads on Amazon.

This is a simple Model 3 accessory that is going to make your ownership experience better.

Tesla Model 3 center console wrap

While you are still playing with your center console, you should think about wrapping it.

Now this sounds like a purely aesthetic accessory and not a “must-have,” but I’d argue that it is actually essential.

Now that you have been installing your TeslaCam accessories and your wireless phone charger, you are probably noticing some fingerprints and smudges on the piano black finish of the center console:

On top of the smudges, I think the shiny black of the center console makes it obvious that it’s plastic. It sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise great-looking interior.

The good news is that it is a relatively easy fix.

A bunch of vendors started offering custom-made wraps for the Model 3 center console. I tried a few and I highly recommend them. It improves your whole interior for a few bucks and about 30 minutes of work.

After trying a few different ones, I find that I prefer Kenriko’s Model 3 console wraps. I currently have it in Matte Black ($30 on Amazon).

They also offer a bunch of different colors, including Matte White. I know it’s subjective, but I think any of them look better than the shiny black. I don’t know why Tesla went with that, because it makes it look cheap.

I have also heard good things about EV Wraps’ Model 3 wraps, which are also offered in carbon fiber finish. Some people are into that.

Tesla Model 3 center console liner

This one sounds like a dumb Tesla accessory, but you have to trust me. You will thank me later.

Cleaning out the cup holder after spilling coffee or another beverage is a bit of a nightmare. I like the custom fit cup and center console liner for Tesla Model 3 ($15 on Amazon). This accessory makes it a lot easier.

You just drop those things inside the cup holders and the center console, and it will save you a lot of time when you, or a most likely a passenger, inevitably spill something.

Again, you are going to thank me later.

Tesla Model 3 center console organizer

One more Tesla accessory for your Model 3 center console: an organizer.

This one is definitely not a must-have, but it’s useful if you want to keep your storage space neat in your Model 3 for just $16 on Amazon:

With all the Tesla accessories listed above, your Model 3 center console should be complete.

Tesla Model 3 center screen protector

Now let’s move to just over your Model 3 center console: the touchscreen.

A screen protector is needed. I love the Model 3’s center touchscreen, but it is a fingerprint magnet.

It also appears quite vulnerable, like a smartphone screen, so I decided to install a screen protector.

I used the Topfit tempered glass touchscreen protector ($20 on Amazon), which is custom-made for the Model 3. The installation is ultra simple and it is forgiving. I managed to remove any air bubbles in a few minutes.

Topfit claims it reduces reflection and fingerprints. I definitely noticed less smudge and fingerprints, but I feel like the reflection is the same with or without the tempered glass.

It also doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the touchscreen.

I recommend the product. It both improves your experience and it protects the screen, which will help your car retain its value.

Tesla floor mats

Floor mats are a must-have in most climates. For my Model S, I bought Tesla’s own floor mats and I regretted it. They are very expensive, and in my opinion, too bulky.

For my Model 3, I tested a few different ones, and I think I am keeping the ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set ($80 on Amazon):

It’s a fraction of the price of Tesla’s own set, and it meshes a lot better with the interior.

Of course, floor mats make it a lot easier to clean and they will also reduce floor wear, which is going to help your car retain its value.

Tough Pro also has another floor mat kit for Model 3 that also includes mats for the trunk, frunk, and the storage area ($180 on Amazon).

If you are looking for something a little more heavy-duty, several friends recommend the 3D MAXpider ($205 on Amazon).

Portable air compressor pump for Tesla

A small portable air compressor is good to have in any car, but it can arguably be even more important in the Model 3 or Tesla or electric vehicle, especially if you tend to have range anxiety.

To achieve the best efficiency and optimal range, it is important that you maintain the recommended air pressure in your tires.

If you prefer comfort over range and efficiency, you can always slightly deflate your tires as recommended by Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

I went with the EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump (~$35 on Amazon). It works with the 12V outlet in the center console of the Model 3, and it easily fits in the lower part section of the Model 3’s trunk.

Quick tire repair kit

Again, this is another accessory that is good for any car, but it is arguably more important for the Model 3 because it doesn’t have a spare tire, like many modern cars.

There are roadside assistance services today that make this less relevant, but I like to be ready for anything. Having a small tire repair kit on board brings some peace of mind.

I used this stop and go kit ($45 on Amazon) and leave it with the air pump. Of course, it won’t work for all repairs, but anyone can use it for the most common problems like running over nails and things like that.

Tesla Model 3 door sill clear protection vinyl

I think it’s important, and most likely will come as a surprise to many. From my experience with the Model S and what we are also seeing on some Model 3s, the chrome door sill scratches easily.

I installed a simple Premium 3M Scotchgard pro material ($20 on Amazon) on each side:

Tesla accessories model 3 doorsill protector

It takes five minutes, and you can’t see the difference once it’s dry. It’s another trick to help keep the vehicle pristine and retain its value.

Tesla Model 3 heatshield/sunshade

Heatshields, or sunshades, are great accessories for Tesla vehicles that are often parked in the sun.

Tesla sells its own, but they are way too overpriced. You can get much cheaper options on Amazon that will do the exact same thing:

There’s the standard rollup windshield heatshield for Model 3 ($40 on Amazon):

And you can also get some sunshades for the giant glass roof to keep the interior cooler ($76 on Amazon):

Tesla Model 3 Nonslip chrome performance foot pedals

If you don’t have a Model 3 Performance, you can still get the cool-looking aluminum pedal look for just $31 on Amazon right now:

It’s super easy to install and inexpensively enhance the look of your Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 “door open” button label sticker set

These stickers will save you from having to explain how to open the Model 3’s doors all the time. It’s one of the least well-designed aspects of the Model 3.

People too often end up naturally using the mechanical release to open the door, which is not good, since Model 3 is equipped with frameless windows.

With these simple stickers, you let your passengers know that they simply have to press the button to open the door ($10 on Amazon):

Keep your Tesla clean

You have a beautiful new car and you are going to want to keep it clean.

Of course, there are tons of different ways to do that and everyone has their own preferences, but here’s my own favorite: Waterless car wash wax kit ($38 on Amazon):

It’s a simple, highly-rated product that can be used with or without very little water.

For the interior, cord-free handheld vacuums are very helpful if you don’t already have one. Dyson has one especially for cars ($200 on Amazon), but there are also cheaper options.

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