Aventon Aventure review: An affordable fat tire electric bike built for adventures!

By Micah Toll

May 5 2021

The Aventon Aventure

The Aventon Aventure was just released earlier this week, marking the popular e-bike company’s first foray into the full-size fat tire e-bike market.


An Affordable E-Bike

The bike has eaten up everything I’ve thrown at it so far without a moment’s hesitation. And it’s done so without breaking the bank. It is priced at just $1,899, which is a steal for the kind of performance, components, and built-in tech that this e-bike offers.



The Aventon Aventure hits hard right out of the gate with extra power and battery capacity. Unlike full-size fat tire e-bikes that peak at 750W, Aventon outfitted the Aventure with a 750W continuous-rated motor. The real power output at peak levels is 1,130W.


Speed If You Need It

The bike ships as a Class 2 e-bike limited to 20 mph (32 km/h), but you can enter the settings and bump the speed up to 28 mph (45 km/h) to enter Class 3 e-bike territory. Going that fast on off-road trails is a whole different level of fun. And when you’re back on-road, the extra speed feels safer because you can more easily keep up with traffic.


This Bike Is Lit (Up)

The bike has a new headlight and a sweet integrated tail light. The tail light is built right into the rear seat stay on the left side. As cool as the tail light is and as much as I like how it is built right into the frame, I wish they had included it on both sides.


Watch Our Video Review

The Aventon Aventure would make an excellent e-bike option for anyone that needs a single e-bike to cover both work and play, and who wants to get a few nicer components than a typical value-based e-bike would offer.