Best foot pedals for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

If you drive a Performance Model 3, you might know that model ships with nicer, performance pedals. Well, most Model 3 — and other Tesla — owners are stuck with the standard pedals. This is mostly a cosmetic factor, but like center console wraps, it’s one cheap way to make your Tesla look a little less cheap!

Best foot pedals for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Topfit Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals

Electrek’s pick to upgrade the look of your pedals.

You get a couple benefits when you swap out your stock Model 3 foot pedals with these: a “non-slip” design — which, let’s be honest, the standard pedals are “non-slip” as well — and a modest appearance boost. If you just want your Model 3 to look sleeker when you step into the driver’s seat every day, these are the pedals for you.

SUPAREE Anti-Slip Foot Pedals w/ Foot Rest

Comes with a foot rest pedal.

We don’t have any reason not to recommend these — we haven’t tested them personally — but they do look a little different and come with a foot rest pedal. If for some reason you want a simpler design or you’d like to have an adhesive medal foot rest in addition to the performance-looking pedals, the SUPAREE anti-slip foot pedals are an acceptable pick.