Best door button label stickers for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

Tired of explaining how to open your Tesla’s doors all the time? Well, good news — a handful of companies make affordable stickers that make it crystal clear or all your passengers. Here’s our favorite picks.

Best door button labels for Model 3/Model Y

Tarsier ‘Door Open’ Button Stickers

Electrek’s pick because of their clarity and simplicity.

If you’ve had anyone in your Model 3, you know that the door situation can be a pain. These stickers from Tarsier are, in our opinion, the best door label sticker solution to this minor Tesla Model 3 gripe. It seems having the words “Door Open” does the best job of communicating the message.

Custom Cut Graphics Door Exit Set

Another good pick if you prefer a word-less style for your stickers.

While these may not communicate the message as clearly as “door open,” they should do the trick. If you prefer this style, we won’t fault you for choosing something that might be slightly less effective.

Tarsier ‘Door Open’ Logo Button Stickers

Another option from Tarsier, the company that makes our top pick.

Like the red ones, these might not communicate as clearly to your passengers — meaning you might have to explain the door system even with the stickers. But it’s another style to try!