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Crowdfunded electric car to be manufactured in fully automated factory designed by Siemens

Last year, Sweden-based electric car startup ‘Uniti’ raised over $1 million through crowdfunding to bring to market their electric vehicle concept.

They have now announced a partnership with manufacturing and electronics giant Siemens to build a “fully automated car production facility” where they plan to build the vehicle. Expand

Electric car startup ‘Uniti’ raises over $1 million through crowdfunding to bring to market their EV concept


Last month, we reported on two rare crowdfunding projects to build electric vehicles. Together, Sondors and Uniti had raised over $1 million when we reported on the status of their separate campaigns in October.

Now Uniti completed its campaign and confirmed that alone it received pledges to invest over 1.2 million euros in the company. Expand

Two electric vehicles managed to crowdfund over $1 million in just a few days


A few weeks ago, we reported in exclusivity about Storm Sondors, the maker of the popular Sondors ebike, launching another crowdfunding campaign but this time for an electric car. We mentioned that it could very well be the first serious attempt to crowdfund an electric vehicle, but as it turns out, it was joined by another in a matter of days.

There are now two electric vehicle crowdfunding campaigns running simultaneously and they both have already reached their goal for a combined total of over $1 million toward the development of the vehicles.  Expand