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Toyota Mirai

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Tesla Model S P100D officially dethrones the Toyota Mirai with longest range for zero emission cars


As we previously reported, the Tesla Model S P100D gets a lot of attention for its title of the ‘Quickest Production Car in the World’ – a very headline grabbing title, but it also has the longest range of any electric vehicle available almost everywhere today.

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave its official rating of 315 miles this week, like Tesla estimated, it dethroned the Toyota Mirai for the longest range of any zero-emission car. Expand

Tesla Model 3: Toyota is the latest automaker buying ads to convert Tesla reservation holders


After BMW and Nissan, Toyota is now the third automaker directly trying to convince Tesla Model 3 reservation holders to drop their pre-orders and buy its vehicles instead. Who can blame them? Tesla created a pool of ~400,000 potential buyers of a ~$35,000 electric vehicle. Automakers now want to tap into that pool. Expand