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Tesla V10 Software update

Tesla V10 with Netflix/Youtube integration and more

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Tesla V10, or Version 10, is Tesla’s latest major software update introducing several new features to the Tesla in-car experience.

Here are some of the new or updated features in Tesla V10:

  • Cuphead – Tesla Edition
  • Tesla Theater (Netflix/Youtube)
  • Caraoke
  • Tesla V10 Driving Visualization
  • Automatic Lane Change
  • Feeling Lucky or Hungry
  • Tesla V10 Maps Improvements
  • Sentry Mode Improvements
  • Joe Mode
  • Software Update Improvements
  • Application Launcher

Here you can read our exclusive report on the Tesla V10 release notes.

Elon Musk hypes Tesla V10 software with in-car video streaming and ‘Caraoke’, early access ‘soon’

Elon Musk went on a mini Tweetstorm last night to hype Tesla’s V10 software update with in-car video streaming and a feature called ‘Caraoke’.

The CEO says that the new update will be released to early access owners ‘soon’ and Tesla should finally be expanding the program to Full Self-Driving (FSD) owners. Expand