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Tesla tapped former Model S Program Director and Daimler’s Cascadia GM to lead ‘Tesla Semi’


As we reported yesterday, the news that Tesla is developing a semi truck set to be unveiled next year is probably the biggest surprise to come out of Elon Musk’s ‘Master Plan Part 2’.

When reading the plan and despite containing little details about the new division, I was already pretty excited at the prospect of an electric Tesla truck, but now that Musk confirmed that Jerome Guillen is in charge of the program, which he dubbed ‘Tesla Semi’, I’m even more excited. Expand

Tesla CTO JB Straubel talks battery innovations, hydrogen, Tesla trucks and more in new interview

Straubel ITF

Tesla CTO and co-founder, JB Straubel, was at the International Transport Forum (ITF) for an interesting panel on innovations in transportation this week in Leipzig, Germany. The automotive executive was facing panelists that were promoting pedestrian options, bicycles and even fuel cell-hydrogen as means to innovate in transport, which led to some interesting conversations. Expand