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Tesla deploys record number of Superchargers as usage increases with growing Model 3 fleet

With Tesla’s new focus on turning a profit during the second half of the year, we are keeping an eye out for some programs potentially slowing down as Tesla cuts spending.

Superchargers apparently don’t represent an area where Tesla plans to cut spending since the company deployed a record number of Superchargers during the last week and ahead of the rollout of the third generation ‘V3’ Supercharger. Expand

Tesla’s first Supercharger in Czech Republic is in an impressive charging station [Gallery]

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Electric vehicle enthusiasts and some automakers have been calling for more homogeneity in charging standards. Some progress has been made, but ultimately, it looks like we will have to wait to see which standards will prevail and which will become obsolete.

In the meantime, we are starting to see some interesting charging stations using several different standards at the same location. Tesla has even been participating in a few of these stations around the world, but its latest, which happens to be its first Supercharger in the Czech Republic, is particularly impressive. Expand