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Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla's all-electric pickup truck

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CEO Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla making an all-electric pickup truck for years now, but he said that third generation vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, were the priority for now. When revealing his ‘Master Plan Part Deux‘, Musk confirmed that Tesla has been working on a pickup truck but that the company is still in the ‘early stages of development’.

Nonetheless, he later added that we should expect an unveiling of the concept in “6 to 9 months”, which should end up being in early to mid-2017. It is expected to be in production within the next 3 to 4 years (2019-2020).


Additionally, Musk did say that Tesla will likely build an all-electric cargo van on the chassis that it is developing for its pickup truck.

Tesla files for CYBRTRK, Cybertruck trademarks in advance of Nov 21 pickup truck reveal

cybrtrk cybertruck tesla pickup logo

The highly-anticipated Tesla pickup truck will be unveiled on November 21, just a week from now. In advance of this unveiling, Tesla has filed for a trademark with some non-standard spelling. It looks like they will be stylizing the name of the truck as: “CYBRTRK.”

Update: Tesla has sent out invites to the Cybrtrk event


Rivian’s quad-motor torque vectoring sets high bar for Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck gets revealed in 10 days. We know it will have incredible performance in a straight line, and that Elon will trumpet its zero-to-60 number. But a vehicle’s offroad capability is more about handling. Whether or not Tesla can steal electric-truck thunder back from Rivian will be based on a simple metric: how many motors are on board the Cybertruck. Expand