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Tesla Glass

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Tesla Glass is Tesla’s glass technology group.

First look at Tesla’s new Model 3-like glass roof on the Model S [Gallery]


Last week, Tesla announced a new all-glass roof option similar to what it unveiled on its Model 3 prototype earlier this year, but available now in the Model S. While the company made the announcement last week, it only showed renders of the new option on its online design studio.

Now we have our first real look at the new roof option. Expand

Tesla adds new “Glass Roof” Model S option; discontinues P90D

all glass roof

Just a few days after confirmation of the “Tesla Glass” tech group within the company, Tesla has quietly changed the Model S design studio, adding an all-glass roof option for the Model S. The option is available for the same price as the sunroof previously was, $1,500, and the panoramic sunroof option is now $2,000.

The new option notes that it is “Tesla Recommended for an open, expansive cabin feel.”  The option removes the crossbar over the car’s B-pillar, and should make the Model S interior feel even more airy than with the panoramic sunroof.

The change to the design studio also removes the P90D option.  In addition, the “ludicrous” upgrade seems to no longer be an individual option on any car – if you order a “P” model car, of which the only one available is now the P100D, ludicrous speed is included.

This leaves a rather significant gulf in pricing between the 90D and P100D models, a $45,000 difference in price between the two trim levels for the Model S and a $40,000 difference for the Model X. A future non-performance “100D” model seems inevitable to fill that gap.

UPDATE: Tesla has updated us about availability, they say the all-glass roof is entering production right now and will be in showrooms in the next few weeks.


Tesla Model 3 will feature new type of glass developed in-house, Elon Musk confirms ‘Tesla Glass’ tech group

tesla model 3

Two months ago, we reported in exclusivity about a new program at Tesla called ‘Tesla Glass’. We admitted at the time that we didn’t know much about the program other than its director and the high level of secrecy surrounding it.

But now CEO Elon Musk confirmed that it’s a new “glass technology group” at the automaker and that the new glass technology will be featured in the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Expand

Tesla Glass: the electric automaker’s latest top-secret program

tesla through pano roof

While on one hand Tesla can appear to be a fairly open company, especially considering they open-sourced their patents and Elon Musk is quite a talkative CEO; on the other hand, Tesla is also keeping a lot of cards close to its chest and secrecy is an important part of several of the automaker’s programs.

The automaker’s latest top-secret program is called ‘Tesla Glass’… Expand