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The full story (and winner) of the Harley LiveWire vs. Tesla Model 3 electric drag race

Earlier this month we got a sneak peak at the first-ever drag race between a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle and Tesla Model 3 Performance electric car. The original video, shot from the stands, lacked any background info, and the winner of the photo finish wasn’t clear. Now we’ve got the full story behind the race (and we finally know the winner too!).


The difference 5 kWh can make: Tesla Model S P85D vs P90D both with Ludicrous mode [Video]

P85D vs P90D

The main difference between the top two performance versions of the Tesla Model S is simply 5 kWh of energy capacity. Tesla used to offer the Model S P85D, a performance (P) Model S with a 85 kWh battery pack (85) and dual motors (D). The vehicle’s top performance mode was called ‘Insane’.

The automaker later introduced a new version, the Model S P90D, which is the same car, but with a 90 kWh battery pack. When introducing the new pack, Tesla also introduced a new performance mode, ‘Ludicrous’, which is obviously better than ‘Insane’.  Expand