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Tesla is testing a new charging solution for people living in apartments

Since the vast majority of electric vehicle charging happens at home, we need a sensible way for apartment dwellers to have access to charging in order for electric cars to really go mainstream. Stories of propriety managers and homeowners associations (HOA) refusing to install access to chargers are unfortunately very common in the EV community.

But now we learn that Tesla is testing a new charging solution especially for people living in apartments. Expand

Tesla officially launches on-demand valet parking and charging services with Luxe

Luxe and Tesla

After launching a pilot program to test Luxe’s on-demand valet parking and charging services with its vehicles earlier this year, Tesla now officially announced the partnership to its owners in the first few cities where it’s available: New York and San Francisco.

The new program addresses two different problems: electric vehicle charging in cities, which is obviously specific to electric vehicle owners, and parking in cities, which on the other hand is a problem for a lot of car owners – electric or not. Expand

Tesla could launch the Destination Charging program in Europe as soon as next month


Tesla first announced the upcoming introduction of its Destination Charging network in Europe almost 6 months ago. At the time, Tesla said that the network was “coming soon“, but the automaker’s charger map is still showing no destination charger in Europe.

Now we received reports of hotels in Europe, especially Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where Tesla Wall Connectors have been installed or delivered. We hear that the program could launch as soon as next month with new locations.  Expand

Tesla is rolling out a new valet charging service at Superchargers [Updated]

supercharger underground london 1

Update: Tesla confirmed now having “attendants” at certain Supercharger stations, but it is not calling the service “valet charging” since they claim that “they will not be driving the vehicles or taking the keys”. As you can read below, we received direct reports from Tesla owners claiming to the contrary, but you can also read the full statement from a Tesla spokesperson below./

Tesla is rolling out a new valet service to facilitate charging at a few stations of the Supercharger network, the automaker’s network of fast-charging stations. Tesla owners arriving at a Supercharger when all stalls are occupied will be offered to have a valet park their car until a stall becomes available and then the valet can move the car and starts the charging session.

The service will likely be especially useful at Tesla’s busiest charging stations in California and other regions where Tesla’s vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.

The possibility of such a program being implemented first came up late last year when Tesla started looking to hire people in a new role called “Charging Experience Specialist” to “manage onsite customer demand at Tesla Supercharger Stations”. Expand