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GM perfectly describes Tesla’s Autopilot as ‘Supercruise’, claims it is 1st semi-autonomous driver-assist

GM Supercruise

While Tesla was far from the first automaker to introduce assisted driving features in its production vehicles, it was the first to market the features as “semi-autonomous”. We could argue on what constitute a “semi-autonomous driving system”, but Tesla’s Autopilot certainly feels like one due to its unofficial hands-free capability.

The more advanced driver assist features found in luxury vehicles before Tesla still required you to steer the vehicle. While some were equipped with lane keeping, it would only activate if it would detect the car going outside the lane or pressure on the steering wheel.

Although not recommended, Tesla’s Autopilot allows for complete hands-free driving under certain conditions as the system is constantly active in the vehicle. Yet, GM doesn’t think it can be called a “semi-autonomous driver-assist technology” and claims it will beat Tesla to market with its ‘SuperCruise’, which the automaker as yet to launch. Expand