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Tesla hires sensor expert from Apple to develop next generation Autopilot sensor suite


Last month we reported exclusively that Tesla hired high-profile microprocessor engineer Jim Keller to lead the company’s Autopilot hardware team and today Electrek has learned of a significant addition to this team; the hire of a sensor expert from Apple.

For the past 3 years, Andrew Graham was a Motion Sensor Engineer at Apple before joining Tesla’s Autopilot engineer staff last week. Expand

Tesla Model 3 likely to ship “autonomous ready” with new sensor suite


Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a press conference last week about the release of the latest version of the company’s software for the Model S and X. The update added new and improved autonomous features to the automaker’s fleet.

During the press call, Musk reiterated that the current sensor suite the company is using to implement new autonomous features will not support full autonomous driving, but the CEO was extremely vague about the timing of the roll out for the new hardware suite that could enable fully self-driving cars. Expand