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Tesla officially confirms “price changes” for the Model S in “early April” right after Model 3 unveiling

tesla model s promo pic

Earlier this week, we reported on Tesla sales representatives warning potential customers of an approaching price increase for the Model S as soon as next month. Now Tesla officially commented on the situation confirming “price changes” for its flagship sedan in “early April”.

Tesla is now talking about “price changes” instead of an increase, but Tesla sales representatives were specifically referring to an increase earlier in the week, though without specifying an amount or percentage. Expand

Tesla Model S US price increase reportedly coming in April after Model 3 unveiling

Model S with Model X design

Following the persisting rumor that Tesla is planning a “facelift” or at least new options for the Model S starting this spring, we learn that the automaker could also increase the price of its flagship sedan in the US as soon as next month, right after the Model 3 unveiling set for March 31st.

We are hearing several reports of Tesla representatives reportedly warning prospective customers that the Model S will see a price increase by the end of April. Expand

Tesla increased the price of the Model S in Canada to adjust for the weak currency

tesla_model_s_snowDuring the weekend, Tesla quietly increased the price of the Model S in Canada by an average of 2%, presumably to adjust for the weak Canadian currency – $1 CAD = $0.75 USD at the moment.

The less expensive version of the Model S, the 70 kWh rear wheel drive, now starts at $89,100 before incentives and destination fees. A fully equipped P90D now costs $173,800 before any incentives.

Here are the Canadian prices for the different Model S drivetrain configurations from Tesla’s design studio: Expand