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Paris Motor Show

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Paris Motor Show says Tesla Model 3 to be displayed next month, Tesla PR says ‘incorrect’


Tesla has a weird history with auto shows. Unlike most established automakers, it almost never presents anything new at the events and it has “on and off” relationships with a few of the most major trade shows, especially Detroit and Los Angeles.

But the Paris Motor Show, also known as ‘Le Mondial de l’Automobile’, is one of Tesla’s most regular events. We can confirm that the electric automaker will be there again this year, October 1-16, but the big question is: Will the Model 3 be part of Tesla’s presence at the show? Expand

Tesla’s D appears to be AWD P85D Model S, spotted in the wild

9to5-image 2014-10-02 at 11.07.13 PM

We might now know what Elon Musk teased about in his Tweet yesterday. The below shot was taken at a central California Airport and appears to show a P85D Model S (It doesn’t appear at first glance to be ‘shopped but you never know).

That Beechcraft in the background is registered in Mojave, CA. Full info on that plane: Aircraft Data N5717V, 1966 Beech 35-C33 C/N CD-1027. Metadata from the picture says it was snapped on Sept. 19th.

At this point it would seem that the new version could include AWD with Dual motors which would make it great for the upcoming Winter. We’ll know in a few short days.


Tesla P85D.