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Tesla President comments on a forum to save Model X owner $1,400 on windshield quote


A few weeks ago, we reported on a Tesla Model X owner being quoted $2,290 before tax by his local Tesla service center for the replacement of his panoramic windshield after it was damaged by a rock. We noted that the price was much higher than the average for an SUV, which could be explained by the enormous size of the glass.

But as it turns out, the Model X’s windshield is not nearly as expensive as we thought… Expand

Meet the maker of the Tesla Model X’s “Big Sky” panoramic windshield

Model X windshield

Since its unveiling, the Model X wowed quite a few people with its all-glass panoramic windshield, which Tesla claims is the largest in production. Even though Tesla manufactures a surprising number of components in-house, the company doesn’t make its own glass parts, as it would be expected.

The automaker tipped Peru-based speciality glass maker AGP to make the windshield, which Tesla calls “Big Sky”. Expand