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newark supercharger

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An important Tesla Supercharger has been down for 4 days after someone backed into it [Gallery] [Updated]

Tesla Supercharger Newark

The Tesla Supercharger in Newark, Delaware, is an important charging spot for Tesla owners traveling on the east coast. It is one of Tesla’s biggest location, with 12 Supercharger stalls, and it is strategically located on I-95 between Washington and New York.

Earlier this month, someone backed into one of the stalls and damaged it. A week later, the station came offline and has been down for the past 4 days . Now with the fourth of July coming, a lot of traffic is to be expected along Tesla’s Supercharger routes and owners are starting to worry about the response time to fix any issues with the charging network.

Update: the station finally came back online around midnight last night (June 25). Expand