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New Tesla Model 3 pictures from prototype being displayed at Tesla’s HQ [Gallery]

Tesla Model 3 displayed at Tesla HQ

As far as we can tell based on the unveiling event and other sightings, only a few Model 3 prototypes have been made so far and the same vehicles keep being spotted while Tesla finalizes the design with the pencil down being only weeks or even days away.

Now pictures emerged of the Black Matte prototype, which has been spotted a few times before outside of the unveiling event, displayed at Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto last month. Expand

Tesla Model S driver and 8-yr-old son survive 80mph rollover truck crash w/minor injuries [Images]

tesla model s crash rollover

Last week, we reported on pictures of the aftermath of what must have been a spectacular accident involving a Tesla Model S and a truck on the A2 highway in the Netherlands between Eindhoven and Den Bosch. The Model S was hit by a truck and was seen rolling over at least one time before resting in the middle of the roadway.

Little was known at the time about the driver or any other occupants, other than that the driver was taken to the hospital. We now learn that the Tesla driver was traveling with his 8-year-old son and they both survived the crash with only minor bruises and cuts. The Model S owner took to the forums to explain the moments leading to the accident and to praise the vehicle’s safety features. Expand

Tesla has now over 325,000 Model 3 reservations – timeline of reservation updates


After a highly anticipated multi-step reservation process starting with Tesla and SpaceX employees, followed by in-store reservations, which created long queues at Tesla’s retail locations, and finally online reservations just an hour before the unveiling, Tesla finally launched the Model 3 – its first mass market electric vehicle.

CEO Elon Musk has been updating the public on the number of reservations the company is accumulating and here’s a quick timeline of those updates: Expand

Watch BMW’s CEO bonk his head rushing to get out of Tesla’s Model X after calling it “only a prototype” [Video]

Model x BMW CEO

A somewhat amusing moment was caught on camera at Tesla’s booth during the Geneva Motor show last week. A reporter from the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche was interviewing Tesla’s head in Germany and Switzerland Jochen Rudat, a rising-star in Tesla’s organisation after the company’s success in Switzerland. Expand

Opinion: Porsche’s Mission E is no “Tesla killer”, but instead perfectly highlights Tesla’s impressive lead

Mission E 1

My skin crawls every time the press calls the Porsche Mission E a “Tesla Killer”, which is often. Of course, it could simply be attributed to “clickbaiting” since they rarely if ever base the statement on facts, but the notion is especially ridiculous because if anything, the Mission E actually validates Tesla’s lead. Expand

Tesla reveals all the details of its ‘Autopilot’ and its software v7.0 [slide presentation and audio conference]


This afternoon Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a press conference to explain the Autopilot features included in the update v7.0, which the company will start releasing tomorrow to Model S owners.

If you have been following our coverage of the beta Autopilot, you have a good idea of the capabilities of the system, but Musk revealed a few more details and explained Tesla’s approach to the release. Expand

Tesla Model S firmware update 5.0 brings the Wifi and better sleep, creep and towing modes

tesla-update-firmware-5.0Click to enlarge

Tesla owners should be receiving a pretty huge over the air update in the coming days which will enable a bunch of new functionality in the car. A Flickr user has updated the release notes. The biggie here is Wifi which allows the Tesla to connect to either a stationary wifi access point or tether to a mobile phone that may have a better signal than the HSPA network the Tesla attaches itself to.

Other new features include: Tow Mode, which allows you to put your car in neutral (wonder if this works in automatic car washes?), Auto screen clearing mode and accessing radio presets from the steering wheel.

Model S owners will also see improvements in Maps, Creep mode performance, additional driver profiles and another biggie: Improved power management when not in use.

The last one is huge because the Model S burns about 5 miles of charge per day in sleep mode, otherwise known as “Vampire mode”. Taking off a chunk of that will help it last a long time in storage without a recharge and stop the useless power drain.