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Tesla Model 3 “leaks”, lets debunk them

fake Model 3 leak

The excitement around the upcoming unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 is at an all-time high and even though we are less than two weeks away from the event, some people can’t wait and are yearning for leaks.

Unfortunately, it is leading to a multitude of fake leaks recently, whether intentional or not. Most are simply confused by amateur renderings simply trying to envision the Model 3, which we already covered, but here I attempt to debunk a few more that are popping up this week. Expand

Tesla Model 3: unlikely leak claims to be official Model 3 mockup, but we’re not so sure [Updated]

model 3 mockup published a picture (see above) today of an alleged leak from a Tesla employee. The publication wrote:

“In an e-mail to AutoGuide sister site TheTruthAboutCars, a person who claims to be a Tesla employee sent the image you see above, claiming to have accessed a colleague’s computer and taken this photo of a photo.”

After only a few minutes of investigation, we feel confident in calling it a “fake”. Expand

Sketchy leak claims to be revealing Faraday Future’s concept: 1000 HP, Autonomous and modular battery tech [Updated]

FF sketchy leak

Update: we added a video of the app below.

A Twitter user going by supererogatory claims to have leaked the concept Faraday Future plans to reveal later today in Las Vegas. He claims that Faraday accidentally released an iOS app, which was meant for the release of the concept and includes renderings as well as some information about the vehicle, but was quickly pulled from the app store last night. Expand

New pictures of the 2016 Prius without camouflage leak ahead of Sept 8th debut


Two pictures of the 2016 Toyota Prius leaked this weekend on the Malaysia Prius Club forum. The pictures appear to have been shot inside the cargo hold of a plane.

Fortunately and for the first time, the cars have no apparent camouflage on them, giving us a very good look at Toyota’s next generation Prius. Expand