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EGEB: Minnesota’s largest utility files to replace coal plants with huge solar

Minnesota coal solar

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Xcel Energy has filed to replace its coal plants with what would be the largest solar farm in Minnesota.
  • A Clean Cars Illinois program would create jobs and save money.
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Illinois’ ridiculous $1,000 EV tax is no more, imposes $100 EV tax instead (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: This article previously stated the EV tax would be $248. It turns out the bill also hikes the registration fee to $148 for all vehicles, but to $248 for EVs specifically. So the “EV Tax” is $100, not $248)

The Illinois legislature has approved a $45 billion transportation bill over the weekend to help improve the state’s infrastructure. Among other things, this bill includes a $100 tax on electric vehicles.