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A collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks from the Electrek team helping you most out of your EV and other EV related products.

How-to: New book ‘DIY Solar Power’ puts solar energy in your hands [free chapter]

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Micah Toll who does fantastic ebike/battery DIY YouTube howtos, 2 books and just released his latest book, DIY Solar Power. He’s giving Electrek readers Chapter 6 of his DIY Solar book FREE and is knocking 50% off the paperback and 90% off the Kindle version]

As an engineer and self-professed green energy nerd, I’ve spent many years teaching myself to build everything from electric vehicles to solar-powered gadgets. While there are many amazing products out there, I firmly believe in the “why buy what you can make” ethos.

One of the biggest hurdles to learning these skills was always finding good information. The internet is full of scattered project logs and how-to’s of varying quality, but often the info I could find was either too broad to be useful or too project-specific to apply to what I was trying to create. All of this made learning an arduous process. Expand

Tesla releases all details on how to reserve a Model 3 [Deposit per country]

tesla Model 3 invite

In a blog post today, Tesla released all the details on how to reserve a Model 3 on March 31st, including the deposit required depending on your country and currency.

Tesla reiterated that reservation starts on March 31st worldwide in store, while it first said that it will be starting at 10am Pacific (5pm UTC), now the automaker wrote that it will take reservations when the stores open – you can check your local store business hours here. Online reservation will start at 8:30pm (3:30am UTC) at the same time that the livestream of the event will start.

The online reservations will be available on the automaker’s newly acquired domain, which currently simply redirect to Expand