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HEPA air filtration

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Tesla launches its HEPA air filter with ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ as an aftermarket upgrade for Model X


Tesla is introducing a relatively small but welcomed change for current and future owners. With the increasingly worrying levels of air pollution in major cities across the world, powerful air filters are becoming a more popular feature in cars. Tesla has on of the most advanced in-car HEPA air filter system in the world that blocks all gaseous pollutants from entering the cabin of its vehicles.

Unfortunately, it was only available in the $3,500 Premium Upgrades Package, but today Tesla made it available as a $750 aftermarket upgrade. Expand

Tesla debuts updated Model S with HEPA filter/Bioweapon defense mode in China today

Model S facelift bjorn 6

Tesla’s new and updated Model S unveiled last week is set to make its Chinese debut at the company’s new Jingang store today in Beijing. The new Model S is borrowing two new important features from its younger (but bigger) brother, the Model X.

The most obvious being the similar front fascia, but a feature that is likely to be particularly popular in China, where extreme smog is a recurring problem, is the HEPA air filtration system with ‘bioweapon defense mode’. Expand