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Grohmann Engineering

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Tesla is going back to supplying other automakers with new acquisition, could sell ‘the machine that builds the machine’


It’s not something that is well-known about Tesla since it wasn’t overly advertised on the consumer side, but electric vehicle development and manufacturing for other automakers was an important part of Tesla’s revenue stream for a while.

The company developed and manufactured electric powertrains for Mercedes’ smart EV and B-Class, and for the second generation of Toyota’s Rav4 EV. That ended last year with the end of Tesla’s involvement with the Mercedes B-Class electric program, but now Tesla is coming back as a supplier to other automakers through its latest acquisition. Expand

Tesla acquires German engineering firm to create ‘Tesla Advanced Automation Germany’

Tesla Fremont factory 7

After SolarCity, Tesla is now on an acquisition spree. Well not really, but it is Tesla’s third acquisition with the last two being back to back considering SolarCity is expected to close this month. Today Tesla announced the acquisition of the German engineering group: Grohmann Engineering.

The firm will be incorporated into what Tesla is now calling ‘Tesla Advanced Automation Germany’ and the company says that other Tesla Advanced Automation groups will be announced in other locations in order to hire the “best engineering talent in automated manufacturing systems”. Expand