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Opinion: Tesla’s Model 3 AWD ‘frunk’, as shown in prototypes, is just a glorified glovebox

black_1There are so many things to be impressed about with the Model 3 that its hard to get my head around all of the goodies. But that doesn’t mean there are some disappointments too.

One thing that struck me, as a Model S owner looking perhaps to either downsize or get a second electric car, was the lack of storage, particularly up front in the area Tesla and its fans called the ‘Frunk’. Here’s a picture of one of the AWD Model 3s with its Frunk open via Reddit:

Model 3 Frunk

That’s about the same room as you get beneath the seat on a regional jet and almost pointless in size unless you need secure purse storage. That bag looks about 8 inches thick at the rear and maybe 3 inches thick at the front and about 18 inches long and at most 3 feet wide at its biggest point. You can’t put groceries here or a stroller (2 things I put in my RWD Model S frunk). Besides the tailor-made handbag above, it is hard to imagine what use this space can provide to the typical user. Tesla could put a roadside emergency kit with tire fix can? Maybe you can fit a squeegee for the windows since Electric cars don’t stop at gas stations? How about a very small ball pit?

Kazakhs go from 0 to stereotype in Ludicrous mode, put sheep in Tesla Model S frunk [Video]

Borat sheep model S

It’s the first time we hear about a Tesla Model S in Kazakhstan and as you can see, they are not making a great effort to distance themselves from Borat’s portrayal of the country. Indeed the first evidence we have of a Model S in Kazakhstan is from this video posted to Youtube yesterday of people trying to fit a sheep in the frunk of the car. Expand