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How smart home energy monitors could avert huge bills

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During last week’s power crisis in Texas, prices surged to the market price cap of $9,000 per megawatt-hour for several days, resulting in some huge bills for a lot of homeowners. (To put that in perspective, the state’s seasonal average is $50 per megawatt-hour.) The entire US, not just Texas, has a lot of infrastructure work to do in order to avoid more power crises like this. But in the meantime, how can consumers protect themselves from exorbitant surprise power bills when extreme weather increasingly occurs?

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EGEB: US energy efficiency standards at risk, South Australia’s 100% goal, Pa. solar, and more

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In today’s EGEB:

  • US energy efficiency standards have reached a state of uncertainty due to the DOE.
  • South Australia plans to be “net” 100% renewables by 2030.
  • A study shows how much Pennsylvania has to gain from solar.
  • Maryland gets a tall meteorological tower before its offshore wind farm.


Energy Management making plays for the SmartHouse, and it might win it all


Much has been made about the coming SmartHome – it started with the Jetsons and their robots, however the reality has been a bit slow coming. Last week, EnergySage+WiseAir+Schneider launched an offer of $300 cash back if you install solar power and a smart thermostat. Back in February, SolarCity+Nest+Tesla introduced the “Smart Energy Home” that combines solar panels, battery storage, smart electric water heaters and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Vermont utilities are renting PowerWalls. It has become clear the home energy generation & management is on the path into powering the SmartHome.