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Electric garbage truck

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Los Angeles won’t buy ICE garbage trucks by 2022, full fleet electric by 2035

Los Angeles garbage trucks

Los Angeles has committed to electrifying their entire garbage truck fleet, and they’re doing it with a pretty aggressive goal.

Los Angeles Board of Sanitation director Enrique Zaldivar made the announcement last week that not only will the city stop buying gas-powered garbage trucks in 2022, but they will have a fully electric fleet by 2035.


All-electric garbage trucks are coming, BYD unveils a 3.9-ton truck with 100 miles of electric range


Battery-powered garbage truck. That’s BYD’s, the Chinese electric automaker with an electric bus and truck division in the US, latest product. We are talking about a 3.9-ton battery-powered truck capable of traveling 100 miles on electric range. That’s something.

They unveiled the vehicle (pictured above) in Phoenix today. Expand