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How to “hack” a Tesla Model S [Video]

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DEFCON finally posted the entire video of the “How to Hack a Tesla Model S” presentation from the conference earlier this summer. Let me preface this by saying that Tesla already pushed OTA software updates to its fleet to fix the issues unveiled by the two security researchers, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers.

Nonetheless, it is a very interesting talk worth the watch if the security of connected cars is an issue of interest to you, which to a certain degree, it should be. Expand

Def Con 2015 will have a ‘How to Hack a Tesla Model S’ Presentation


Listed among the Defcon 23 speakers is Marc Rogers Principle Security Researcher for CloudFlare and Kevin Mahaffey CTO of Lookout Inc who will give a presentation called ‘How to Hack a Tesla Model S’.

There have been various attempts to get into the Model S including the finding that there is an Ethernet IP network running through the car.  However the possibility of “Bricking a car that starts at $70,000 has kept the cost of entry high.

Tesla obviously will keep a close eye on this one.  Here’s the description:

The Tesla Model S is the most connected car in the world. It might surprise you to hear that it is also one of the most secure. In this talk we will walk you through the architecture of a Tesla Model S noting things that Tesla got right as well as identifying those that they got wrong. From this talk you will get an intimate understanding of how the many interconnected systems in a Tesla model S work and most importantly how they can be hacked. You will also get a good understanding of the data that this connected car collects and what Tesla does with this telemetry. We will also be releasing a tool that will enable Tesla Model S owners to view and analyse that telemetry in real time. Finally we will also be releasing several 0day vulnerabilities that will allow you to hack a Tesla Model S yourself – both locally and remotely. Note – only one of the 6 vulnerabilities we will discuss and release has been fixed. Disclaimer: With great access comes great responsibility – In other words we are not responsible for any Tesla Model S bricked by over enthusiastic attendees of this talk 🙂

DEF CON 23 takes place August 6-9 at Paris & Bally’s in Las Vegas, NV.

Image via Steve Martz