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Tesla is now offering a new Model S Integrated Center Console with phone dock as aftermarket option

tesla model s integrated console

Cup holders and USB everywhere! This is Tesla’s new ‘Model S Integrated Center Console’ with optional ‘Quick Connection Phone Dock’ – now available has an aftermarket option. Earlier this year, we reported on Tesla introducing the center console as a default option in the Model S, like it already was in the Model X, for new orders.


Tesla introduces new Model X-like center console in the Model S by default [Gallery]

center console

When Tesla launched the Model S in 2012, the automaker used the lack of console between the two front seats to highlight the car’s flat floor, something you can only build with an electric vehicle. Then Tesla launched the Model X last year and surprisingly the center console was now a default option in Tesla’s SUV, but it remained an option on the Model S until now. Expand