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Tesla logs show that Model X driver hit the accelerator, Autopilot didn’t crash into building on its own

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Earlier this morning, we reported on a strange Model X accident that ended with the SUV crashing into a building in Irvine, California. Fortunately, no one was severely injured in the accident, but the Model X owner claims that the vehicle accelerated on its own while entering a parking space and the driver was unable to decelerate before it ‘autonomously’ crashed into the building.

We contacted Tesla and the company reviewed the logs around the time of the accident.  A representative is now assuring us that the Autopilot was not at fault and that the vehicle operated in a way consistent with the driver’s actions. Expand

Tesla’s Autopilot and Ford’s self-driving car prototype operating in the snow [Videos]

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.59.34 PM

Autonomous and semi-autonomous driving systems are already getting pretty good under favorable driving conditions, but one of most people’s main concern is about how a self-driving car would handle heavy rain or snow.

Although not recommended, Tesla’s Autopilot can already handle snow to a certain degree, but several systems in development are focusing on especially nailing winter self-driving. Ford recently released a video featuring what it calls “Snowtonomy.” Expand

Supplier hints at next generation Autopilot hardware for Tesla within a year

mobileye_cameras_dataMobileye is a relatively small Israel-based tech company, but it is rapidly positioning itself as a major hardware and software supplier for the implementation of driver assist and autonomous driving features. In a recent presentation at Citi’s 2015 Global Technology Conference, CEO Ziv Aviram claimed that 90% of automakers are using their products.

Mobileye is also a supplier for Tesla’s recently released Autopilot and during the same presentation, the CEO hinted at the company’s potential next generation hardware suite that could allow for a wider range of autonomous features and maybe even complete self-driving. Expand