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80edays 2016

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Eleven teams just drove around the world in electric vehicles: 9 Teslas, 1 Denza & a bus


Four years ago, Rafael de Mestre became the first EV driver to solo circumnavigate the globe in his Tesla Roadster.  He’s just done it again, this time with company, once again showing that EVs are entirely suitable for long distance travel.  After challenging EV drivers to join him in an around-the-world road rally, they departed in June and finished in 80 days as planned, under the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.  The rally included eleven teams from nine countries, including eight Tesla Model S, one Tesla Roadster, one DENZA (a joint brand from Daimler and BYD), and an electric bus from Hungarian firm Modulo.

The journey was catalogued on their YouTube channel with local coverage in various languages, a Bing map shows the route of all 11 teams, and the charge points used have been added into the database at