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Brandon C. Hollinger

Brandon C. Hollinger owns and operates BH Electrics LLC and

Intent on general EV advocacy, BHE offers a number of services including conversion kits and consultation, residential charging stations and installation and educational conversion programs for schools and colleges. Mr. Hollinger has already personally logged 75,000 electric miles on his conversions.

BHE’s classic London Black Cab was the winner of EVTV’s $20,000 Build Your Dream electric conversion contest and their work has been featured on, in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on the Revenge of the Electric Car movie website.

You can follow him on Twitter @ampREVOLT or get in touch with him by email at

EV Conversion Spotlight: EV West doubles down on torque

In the balmy Missouri heat of August 2012, surrounded by what must have been a record forty lithium battery powered EV conversions, I had the opportunity to meet Michael Bream from San Diego.  He hadn’t brought a car to this convention, just a Ziploc sandwich bag containing the remains of a shattered rear differential gear.  Openly unafraid to try new things with electric motors, Michael had partnered up with fellow gear-head Matt Hauber to form one of the coolest conversion shops, EVWest.  They were both convinced that switching from gasoline to electric power was simply the next logical step to meeting their performance goals. Expand

EV Conversion: a Lithium prescription for your car

While a growing segment of the population eagerly awaits the arrival of the affordable, long-range electric car, there exists a parallel universe.  A restive, grassroots movement of do-it-yourselfers who grew tired of waiting for the establishment to provide them with sustainable alternatives.  Decades ago.  Those who have seen the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? understand that not all the reasons for this delay were natural or even market-driven.