Here is every electric bicycle we reviewed in 2019

This year has seen a bumper crop of interesting, exciting, and sometimes oddball electric bicycles. And as 2019 comes to a close, we thought this would be a great chance to take a look back at a whole year filled with reviews of awesome electric bicycles.

Here at Electrek we have the unique privilege of offering some of the first reviews of new electric bicycles and of seeking out some of the more obscure and interesting e-bikes that haven’t always gotten the media attention that they deserve.

We’ve spent this year in the saddle for hours, days, and weeks on these electric bicycles to show you as many different and interesting models as we can.

Below you’ll find a short recap of all of the electric bicycles we’ve reviewed this year, along with a link to each one if you’d like to check it out in more detail.

Don’t forget to leave a comment at the end of the article letting us know which e-bikes you’d like us to review in 2020!

Priority Embark

The Priority Embark is a great commuter e-bike, though its $3,999 price tag makes it one of the more expensive e-bikes on this list.

In all fairness, the Priority Embark goes a long way toward earning that price, offering a Bosch mid-drive motor, Gates carbon belt drive system, internally geared rear hub, hydraulic disc brakes, and one of the smoothest pedal assist experiences I’ve had all year.

Check out our full Priority Embark review here.

Greyp G6 electric mountain bike

greyp g6 test ride

I went to Croatia to take the first-ever ride on the new Greyp G6 electric mountain bike. The Greyp G6 is a technological marvel with its built-in sensors and connectivity. The bike features front and rear cameras, 4G connectivity, gamification (you can race friends in other countries in real time and even see what they are seeing from the cameras), social media sharing (the bike can upload an awesome action clip from your ride while riding), and more.

The bike itself is also a high performance e-bike, even if you forget about all the tech. It’s got a 700 Wh battery that took me all over a mountainous Croatian island for an entire day of riding.

Check out our full Greyp G6 review here.

Yamaha Wabash electric gravel bike

yamaha wabash e-bike

This was another e-bike released this year that we received the privilege of riding before anyone else. The Yamaha Wabash took me to beautiful trails around San Diego and had me questioning what non-suspension road-lookin’ e-bikes could do. Don’t let the light frame, narrow tires, and drop bars fool you — this is a serious off-road beast. I was climbing mountains and bombing hills on the Yamaha Wabash that I never would have dreamed I could take on a bike like this.

To be fair, the ride quality takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve spent most of your two-wheeled time on full-suspension e-bikes, but the ability to take a robust, lightweight e-bike like this to the street and the trails on the same day was something I won’t soon forget.

Check out our full Yamaha Wabash review here.

RayVolt E-bikes

I went to Barcelona to try these bikes, and it was worth the trip to see such beautiful e-bikes in action.

RayVolt has a wide line, from its postwar looking cruisers to its steampunk-inspired hipster bikes and more.

Each one is more beautiful than the next, with Catalonian leather work and brass accents to make the bikes pop.

You really need to check out the full RayVolt review to see these bikes in more detail.

GenZe 201-series e-bike

genze 200 ebike

The GenZe 201 doesn’t win any beauty contests, but it might win an e-bike brawl. It’s simply a robust, hard-working everyday commuter bike. For under $2,000, you get a solid e-bike with a sleek and hidden removable battery.

Plus you also get some great tech like Bluetooth connectivity that can let you monitor your battery charge remotely or see if your bike has been touched while its parked outside.

It’s not quite as tech-infused as its bigger brother, the awesome GenZe 2.0 electric scooter (Vespa-style scooter, not Razor-style), which we also reviewed. But it’s also much more affordable and won’t get you dirty looks in the bike lane.

Check out our full Genze 201-series e-bike review.

RadRover fat tire e-bike

The RadRover feels like the ultimate adventure e-bike on a budget. It’s only $1,499 but gets you a 672 Wh battery, 750W motor, and giant fat tires that will take you seamlessly from the bike lane to the dirt trails.

Plus you can grab a cool $50 discount on the bike here.

Check out our full RadRover e-bike review here.

GoTrax Shift S1

GoTrax is known for its crazy low prices on its electric scooters, and the $649 GoTrax Shift S1 follows the same path.

The small folding bike is as convenient as it is affordable. It’s not a powerhouse and it requires you to take the removable battery with you (there’s no lock for the battery), but it’s still a great little commuting option for those on a budget.

See our full GoTrax Shift S1 e-bike review here.

Ride1Up Roadster Ghost

It appears the sub-$900 Roadster Ghost from Ride1Up isn’t in stock anymore (though the awesome 700 series from Ride1Up is coming soon!), though we’ll still include it here as one of our 2019 reviews.

The bike could hit nearly 28 mph (45 km/h) and came with an old-school design. It didn’t have suspension or a removable battery, but how much can you ask for from a fast e-bike at this price?

The bike will be missed, but fortunately Ride1Up has some other great options in its lineup for 2020.

See our full Roadster Ghost review here.

Rungu three-wheeled adventure bike

rungu electric bike

I seriously thought this bike was a gimmick until I actually tried it, riding around 40 miles (64 km) in San Clemente, California. The bike’s dual front wheels allowed it to cover much more technical terrain, rocks, soft sand, and everything in between. It took a bit of getting used to, but it was an absolute blast to ride, and I would pay good money to spend another afternoon on one.

Check out our full Rungu review here.

E-Joe Koda 3.0

Even though the E-Joe Koda 3.0 is technically marketed as a mountain bike, I’d call it more of a hybrid/commuter bike.

Sure, it would work fine on light trails, but it excels in the city as an urban commuter.

Its powerful motor and 800+ Wh battery mean it has the strength and stamina to go the distance on pretty much any commute you can throw at it.

Check out our full review of the E-Joe Koda 3.0 here.

RadMini Step Through

RadMini step thru

The RadMini Step Through is essentially a smaller, folding version of the RadRover above. It offers the same great power and fun, but in a smaller package that can fold to fit in the trunk of a car.

Finally, a way to take your powerful fat bike on the road with you so you can drive to your favorite picturesque riding sites and trails.

And if the $1,499 price wasn’t good enough already, you can take a cool $50 off the price here.

Check out our full RadMini Step Through e-bike review here.

Gazelle CityZen T9

The Gazelle CityZen T9 is another e-bike that feels right at home in the city.

Whether it’s powering up hills or making runs down to your regular coffee shop, the T9 is designed to be a reliable, dependable commuter e-bike.

Check out our full review of the Gezelle CityZen T9 e-bike here.

RadWagon electric cargo e-bike

Some of my favorite e-bikes are the ones that can truly replace a car for most trips. And the RadWagon is absolutely one of the best options for anyone that needs to haul a pile of cargo (or a pile of kids) on an e-bike without breaking the bank.

The bike is powerful, robust, and has the rack/running boards/cargo bags/etc. that you need to fit just about anything on it. It doesn’t have the same top-end components like some high priced European e-cargo bikes, but it’s a great value at $1,499. And you can get a $50 discount on the bike here as well.

Check out our full RadWagon e-bike review here.

Electric Bike Company Model C

electric bike company model C

The Model C from Electric Bike Company is a beautiful bike that embodies that classic styling (and giant size) of the timeless beach cruiser.

Despite its beachy origins, I used it mostly for urban commuting where it still excelled.

It’s got a nice selection of components and even has a few fancy tricks up its sleeve, like a built-in charger with a pull-out cord built right into the rear rack! It’s priced at $1,999.

You can see our full Electric Bike Company Model C review here.

Super73 S1 e-bike

super73-s1 electric bike

Super73 is the epitome of the retro mini-bike style embodied in a new generation of electric bicycles.

Between its power motor, fat tires, and mini-bike frame, the Super73 S1 is a blast to rip around the city or hit the trails.

There’s no suspension on this bad boy, but the big tires can help absorb the bumps of potholes, as does the cushy bench seat.

See our full Super73 S1 e-bike review here. It’s $2,200.

Blix Vika+ folding e-bike

blix vika+ electric bicycle

Among the folders we’ve reviewed, the Blix Vika+ is likely one of the classiest options out there.

With its sloping lines and combination of black and silver color combination (though other colors are available), not to mention the leather accents, the Blix Vika+ is definitely a sight to behold.

See our full Blix Vika+ ebike review here. It costs $1,699.

Lectric XP folding fat tire bike

The Lectric XP might just be the definition of bang-for-your-buck, at least when it comes to e-bikes.

This folding e-bike can hit speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h) yet is often available for under $1,000 when on sale. Even at its full price of $1,099, it’s a deal.

The fat tires give it the ability to perform on varied terrain, and the powerful motor means it can handle hilly rides.

What’s not to like?

Check out our full Lectric XP review here.

RadRunner electric utility bike


I like to think of the RadRunner as a love child of the RadWagon and RadRover. It received the RadWagon’s cargo-hauling abilities and the RadRover’s go-anywhere attitude (and go-anywhere fat tires).

I’ve hauled cargo in the morning and then my two nephews in the evening on the same bike, and had a blast doing it.

And at just $1,299, this is the most affordable e-bike in Rad Power Bike’s lineup. (But shhhh…  you can get it for $50 off with this link).

See our full RadRunner review here.

VeeGo 750 e-bike

RideScoozy VeeGo 750

The VeeGo 750 is a mold breaker. It’s a 20-inch step-through bike but not a folder. Yet it has every other little upgrade that I’d want to see added to other budget e-bikes. It has a larger battery, built-in rack, fenders, hydraulic brakes, the works.

Basically, this is the bike you’d want if you’ve been enjoying budget e-bikes but are ready for an upgrade that still doesn’t break the bank.

See our full VeeGo 750 review here.

XCYC Pickup electric cargo bike

xcyc pickup electric bicycle

This one is just hilarious. In a good way.

It’s a powerful electric cargo bike with a Bosch motor and a giant pickup truck bed. And it’s a blast to ride.

Check out our review of this one — there’s a video there that you’ll want to see since words can’t really do this bike justice. It costs €5,666.

Swagtron EB12

Swagtron EB12

The Swagtron EB12 is Swagtron’s first full-size e-bike. It takes the standard fixie-style hipster bike and turns it into a potent e-bike.

And at just $999, it’s a pretty sweet deal for a full-size, lightweight e-bike.

Check out our full Swagtron EB12 review here.

Electra Townie Go! 7D

electra townie Go! 7D

Electra is known for its popular line of Townie beach cruisers. In fact, I used to convert Townies into e-bikes until Electra wised up and starting making their own Townie e-bikes.

While most cost a pretty penny, Electra rolled out the Townie Go! 7D with a hub motor and simplified components to offer a $1,499 budget-friendly option of the normally high-priced bike.

Make sure you check out our Electra Townie Go! 7D review to get all the details on this classy beach cruiser.

Tern HSD

Tern HSD s8i

Tern’s GSD has long been the ultimate utility e-bike, combining a massive 400-pound capacity with a comfortably sized bike that can be parked vertically on its tail.

This year they rolled out the HSD, which is essentially the little brother to the GSD. It isn’t quite as insane with its load capacity or specs, but that’s a good thing. That helps it start at a lower price point ($3,699) while still offering industry-leading great utility.

Check out the full Tern HSD review here.

Batch E-Commuter

Batch Bicycle’s offers the E-Commuter as perhaps the lowest priced Bosch-powered mid-drive e-bike on the market.

At just $2,000, you’d be hard-pressed to find an e-bike with a Bosch mid-drive for a lower price.

Get all the details on the Batch E-Commuter in our full review.

Super Monarch Full Suspension AWD e-bike

super monarch ebike

Two motors. Two batteries. Full suspension. Fat tires. This e-bike has everything. It gets up to more than 30 mph (51 km/h), which will take you on one heck of a ride!

It’s the ultimate adventure bike with crazy range and even crazier power.

It’s a blast to ride, and you’ll definitely want to see the full review video in our Super Monarch review. It starts at $2,795.

AM1+ e-bike

The AM1+ e-bike is a simple, no-frills e-bike that is designed to be a go-to urban commuter e-bike.

We reviewed the $1,449 version, but if you can do without the fenders and a few other small upgrades, you can actually get it for even less, which makes this e-bike especially easy on the wallet.

Aventon Pace 500

The Aventon Pace 500 is one of those e-bikes that makes you wonder how it could cost so little. With a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), it gives you features like hydraulic disc brakes that are nearly impossible to find on other bikes in its price and speed class. Speaking of which, the bike is just a cool $1,399.

Check out our full Aventon Pace 500 e-bike review here.

Evelo Aurora Hub Drive

The Evelo Aurora is one of those e-bikes that is built like a tank.

It feels more like a bike-share bike in that it gives you that sense that it’s never going to fall apart on you. Add in the 1,000 W motor, and you’ve got the recipe for a serious contender in the e-bike market.

Check out our full Evelo Aurora e-bike review here.

Tower Beach Bum

Looking for a simple, laid back, and easygoing electric beach cruiser?

The Tower Beach Bum might be for you. It’s not fancy, but it will get you where you’re going and its $1,695 price tag won’t break the bank. And it even comes with Mark Cuban’s endorsement, if that sweetens the deal for you.

See our full review of the Tower Beach Bum here.

Taga Family electric cargo bike

taga family electric cargo bike

This one goes in the list of weirdest e-bikes I’ve ridden, but in a good way. It’s an electric trike with two front wheels, which helps it feel more stable than a standard trike design.

It has room for two kid seats up front and a third kid seat on the rear rack, which would make it perfect for a three-child home. It also has a huge bucket up front for hauling all your weekly groceries home.

Check out the full review of the Taga Family electric cargo bike here. Models range from around $3,300 to $3,900 depending on the accessory package.

Pedego Latch

The Pedego Latch is one of the few belt-driven electric folding bikes out there. Not only do you benefit from the smooth and silent Gates carbon belt drive system connected to its Bosch mid-drive motor, but you get the support of a nationwide Pedego sales and support network.

That’s not something to overlook in a market with so many online-only retailers. The cost is $2,795.

Check out our full Pedego Latch review here.

Carbon Fiber Bulls Alpine Hawk

We don’t see too many electric road bikes around these parts, largely because they are a niche within a niche.

But the Bulls Alpine is a nice change from the heavier electric bikes we often test. That carbon fiber frame and removable Fazua motor certainly set this e-bike apart from the pack. Price is $5,799.

See our complete Bulls Alpine electric road bike review here.

EUNORAU Dual Motor

Need an all-wheel drive electric bike to tackle the sand or snow? Don’t want to spend much money?

Then the EUNORAU Dual Motor e-bike might be your best bet, at $1,699. You can finally get the experience of spinning two wheels on a bike instead of just one!

Check out the full review here.

Schwinn EC1

Scwinn EC1 e-bike

Schwinn bicycles have that nostalgic feel that brings back memories from our childhood, but now you can make new memories with an updated (and electric) version of a classic Schwinn.

The beach cruiser feel is the same, but now you get a pedal assist boost that gives you a comfortable ride without working up as much of a sweat as you might have on the pedal-only Schwinns of yesteryear. At $898, it’s affordable.

See our full Schwinn EC1 review here.

GoCycle GX

The GoCycle GX takes folding e-bikes to the next level. With suspension and single-sided swingarms, the GoCycle GX may just be one of the fanciest electric folding bikes we’ve reviewed this year. It’s priced at $3,299.

See the full GoCycle GX review here.

Swagtron EB7 Plus

swagtron eb7 plus review

If you still want a folding e-bike with rear suspension but can’t afford the pricey GoCycle GX above, then take a loot at the Swagtron EB7 Plus.

It’s just $699 but offers rear suspension, 18 mph (30 km/h) top speed, and a comfortable ride for city commutes. It’s not the most pedal-friendly e-bike due to its smaller wheels and chainring, but it has a throttle in addition to pedal assist, which makes pedaling optional.

See our full Swagtron EB7 Plus review here.

FREY full suspension e-bikes

FREY builds full suspension electric mountain bikes that rival the best of Europe’s e-mountain bikes, yet come in at half the price.

We got a chance to ride nearly their full line of e-bikes during a trip to China and got a sneak peak of their factory as well. The price range is $3,000 to $3,800.

Check out the full story on FREY’s bikes here.

Wing Freedom


While the design might be a Vanmoof knock-off, it still looks pretty darn eye-catching on the Wing Freedom. And for just $1,299, the Wing Freedom is likely the poor man’s Vanmoof.

It isn’t as technologically savvy, but it still makes for a great commuter bike on a budget.

Check out our full Wing Freedom review here.

And that’s it!

That’s all, folks!

We had quite a year in 2019, but we think 2020 will be even better with a whole new crop of impressive electric bicycles.

Let us know in the comments which e-bike you liked the most, or which e-bike you’d like to see reviewed next year!

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