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Review: 50 MPH Dualtron Thunder electric scooter (or how I cheated death, again)

There comes a time in every man’s life where he looks in the mirror and asks himself if he’s on the right path — if he’s headed in the right direction. That moment came to me recently, but in a slightly different form. It was the reflection of myself in my motorcycle helmet visor as I zoomed down the road on a 50 MPH (80 km/h) USAMinimotors Dualtron Thunder electric scooter.

Yes, a 50 MPH standing electric scooter.

As the road passed by in a literal blur less than a foot (30 cm) below me, I asked myself that very question.

“Am I on the right path?”

I mean, come on. Am I crazy here?

And then I saw the sign I was looking for: State Route 82.

And that’s when I knew that yes, yes — I was absolutely on the right path I had planned, and now it was time to go rip on one of the biggest, baddest electric scooters in existence: the Dualtron Thunder!

dualtron thunder electric scooter

This scooter is the mechanical embodiment of the seven deadly sins — or at least all of them except for “sloth.” It’s an unapologetic amalgamation of the very definitions of power, speed, and luxury.

The Dualtron Thunder packs a pair of 2,700 W peak motors in its oversized tires for a combined 5.4 kW of rubber-shredding power. But it’s not just a high-power and high-speed electric scooter; it’s also one of the highest quality scooters I’ve ever ridden.

Scratch that — it’s probably the highest quality electric scooter I’ve ever ridden.

Dualtron Thunder video review

Check out my video review below, then dive into the rest of my review to hear the full story on this insane(ly awesome) electric scooter.

Dualtron Thunder electric scooter tech specs

  • Motor: Dual 2,700 W peak motors
  • Battery: 60V 35Ah 2.1 kWh Li-ion battery with highest capacity LG cells
  • Top speed: 50 mph (80 km/h) though I hit 46 mph (74 km/h) and nope’d out
  • Range: 75 miles (121 km) though can vary based on terrain and riding style
  • Weight: 95 lb (43.09 kg)
  • Load capacity: 330 lb (150 kg)
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc brakes with ABS and 160 mm rotors (mine were upgraded to high-end Magura brakes)
  • Tires: 11-inch x 4-inch air-filled tubeless tires for easy puncture repair
  • Suspension: Front and rear cartridge swingarm suspension with swappable cartridges
  • Charge time: 20 hours with 2A charger, 10 hours with dual chargers, 5 hours with quick charger
  • Extras: Dual charging ports, 3 power modes, side kickstand, bright headlights, taillights, under-deck lighting and stem lighting (colors adjustable), LED speedometer and battery meter, fenders, single/dual motor operating modes, torque/power limiter, optional accessories including wireless phone charger, waterproof phone cases, fingerprint reader for biometric unlock, turn signals
  • Cost: MSRP of $4,590 but currently on sale for $3,790.

What makes the Dualtron Thunder different?

Everything about the Dualtron Thunder feels like it was built with safety and quality in mind.

The deck is a massive 12 inches (30 cm) wide and the tires are the largest I’ve ever seen on an electric scooter like this, measuring at 11 inches x 4 inches. And the wheels are built with a modular design to help you easily remove the tire and fix a flat. But you’ll find that flats are much less common, thanks to the big, tubeless tires.

Those super-wide tires combined with the tunable cartridge-based swingarm suspension mean you get a ride that is unlike any other electric scooter.

I positively glide over curbs and obstacles, and I have never once felt around for space for my feet.

Then add in all of the other features, like the LED lighting that surrounds the scooter and covers the stem, front, rear, and underside of the scooter. You can even select from dozens of colors for the LED light show or let it cycle though on its own (please don’t do that. Choose a color and stick with it — you aren’t running a disco). Make sure you check out the video above to see the lights in action.

Then there’s the wireless phone-charging options, the fingerprint scanner to ensure that only you can ride the scooter, turn signals (assuming people think to look for those on a scooter), and the general bad-assery of being one of the only scooters in existence that can hit these speeds and hold itself together safely.

Basically, the list goes on and on, making the Dualtron Thunder decidedly unique in the industry.

Speaking of safety…

So yes, let’s talk about safety here.

First of all, don’t even think about stepping on this scooter in a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. That’s a terrible idea.

Honestly, it’s terrible idea to ride a Lime or Bird scooter in a T-shirt and pair of flip-flops, and obviously the bad idea-ness just gets compounded the faster you go. If you ever do get in an unfortunate situation where you end up sliding along the road, you want something covering your fleshy bits.

When I ride, I wear a motorcycle helmet, pants, closed shoes, and some type of abrasion-resistant jacket like my motorcycle leathers or a ballistic mesh jacket.

You don’t need as fancy of a helmet as mine — you can find cheap full-face helmets on Amazon that might not have the same safety rating but will at least keep your face attached if you go down.

dualtron thunder electric scooter

Then there’s the whole thing I like to call “being a responsible adult.” That means that you consider where you ride, when you ride, and how you ride. In my opinion, the Dualtron Thunder is an amazing commuter vehicle. I can ride in the road in areas where it’s safe and I feel comfortable. Or I can slow it down to reasonable speeds and hop in the bike lane (at around 15 to 20-ish MPH) in areas where electric scooters are allowed in the bike lanes. And I can even head off-road and take a shortcut that cuts out part of my commute entirely.

But what I don’t do is ride around cutting people off, riding faster than necessary, or generally being a hooligan. In fact, I probably spend most of my time riding the Dualtron Thunder at around 30-35 mph (48-56 km/h). That’s often the speed of traffic in the city anyways, and I behave like a responsible motor vehicle operator by traveling with the speed of traffic.

There are times I’ll open it up when it is safe to do so, and I’ll admit that the highest I’ve actually gone is 46 mph (74 km/h). While the scooter can go faster, I’ve never personally felt the need to go faster than that.

And what is perhaps the most single important piece of safety equipment that I haven’t touched on yet is the ride of the vehicle itself. Because the Dualtron Thunder isn’t the only 50 mph (80 km/h) electric scooter. But it’s one of the few that is actually built with the right frame, brakes, and steering components to handle those speeds. And when I’m riding at high speed, I always feel completely stable and in control.

The worst feeling you can have on a fast micromobility device is the onset of “speed wobbles,” or oscillations caused by either improper vehicle design or improper rider positioning. And I’ve never felt those on the Dualtron Thunder, which is good, because I’d probably pee myself if I did when traveling at such high speeds.

But like I mentioned, I don’t spend the majority of my time at such high speeds. I mostly ride at moderate speeds and I imagine that is also how most others use the Dualtron Thunder.

Because that’s what makes it such a great commuter vehicle. It’s a fast and fun electric scooter that can climb steep hills (47% grades is what USAMinimotors claims) and has the power and stability to safely transport riders at any speed they need for the situation.

It’s also portable, sort of. I’d call it portable-ish. At 95 lb (43 kg), it’s not fun to pick up. But as a small guy myself, even I can lift it into a trunk if necessary. And the locking, folding nature of the scooter makes it safe to fold away and not worry about it falling apart.

In summary

So to conclude this long-winded review, I’d call the Dualtron Thunder one of the most amazing examples of micromobility that I’ve ever set foot or butt on.

The design inspires a feeling of both safety and quality. And the speed and power offers the opportunity to ride at any skill level (and also squirt out of a jam with a little extra power, if necessary, in an emergency).

But this is nowhere near a beginner scooter. I’ve worked my way up through lightweight scooters to middleweight and finally heavy-duty scooters before ever attempting a scooter like the Dualtron Thunder. And you should too, or at least start somewhere in that sequence. This isn’t a great first scooter, but it’s an amazing second or third scooter, once you learn the basics and safety considerations of scooter riding.

If you want to grab your own, head on over to USA Minimotor’s website to check out the options and accessories.

And don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts and opinions on the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter!

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