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Blix Vika+ folding electric bike review: A stylish and punchy commuter e-bike

The Blix Vika+ is a folding electric bike that combines fancy styling with deceptive power. Don’t let its elegant appearance fool you, the Vika+ is still a powerhouse on the street. Read on to learn more!

Blix Vika+ electric folding bicycle

The Blix Vika+ follows in the same footsteps as another e-bike from Blix that we previously reviewed: the Blix Aveny.

Both are stylish, refined e-bikes that turn heads and start conversations. While riding both bikes I find myself being approached by strangers much more often, inquiring about the bike and where I got it. Blix bikes just have that fancy flair that seems to draw people in.

But as dapper and polished as the design is, what I really like about the Vika+ is how well it rides.

blix vika+ electric bicycle

Video review

Before I go on too long about the ride, make sure to check out my review video below. Then read on for more about the Blix Vika+ folding e-bike.

Blix Vika+ tech specs

  • Motor: 500 W nominal rear geared hub motor (Bafang)
  • Top speed: Around 18.5 mph (30 km/h) with throttle, as tested
  • Range: Up to 72 km (45 mi)
  • Battery: 48V 14 Ah (672 Wh)
  • Charge time: 5-6 hours when charging from empty
  • Weight: 22.6 kg (50 lb)
  • Max load: 122 kg (270 lb)
  • Max cargo load (without rider): 47 kg (105 lb)
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 20 inches
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Extras: Puncture-resistant tires, LED headlight, tail light, and brake light powered by main battery, included metal rear rack (with safety bungee) and metal fenders, left-side thumb thumb throttle, five levels of pedal assist, large LCD display with speedometer, battery gauge, odometer and tripmeter, sturdy kickstand, front rack mounting points

How does the Blix Vika+ ride?

My experience on the Blix Vika+ has been great so far. That 500 W motor is deceptively strong. While most e-bikes in this class hide smaller 250 W or 350 W motors in that rear wheel, the 500 W motor and 48 V battery of the Vika+ give a much more thrilling experience.

blix vika+ electric bicycle

In fact, I found myself popping the front wheel up a few times when giving full throttle before I was quite seated on the bike. You don’t have that experience on a measly 250 W bike!

It’s not like the acceleration is going to get your heart racing, this is still a commuter-level e-bike. But it’s definitely faster off the line than the entry-level budget e-bikes. And when it comes to hill climbing or stop light acceleration, that extra power is always welcome.

While I was impressed with the acceleration from a stop, the final top speed on throttle-only use was a bit less than I expected. As a Class 2 e-bike, I was expecting to be able to hit 20 mph (32 km/h) pretty easily. But I never really saw more than 18.5 mph (30 km/h) on the flat. And I don’t really weigh that much, at 155 lb (70 kg).

blix vika+ electric bicycle

I could get up to 20 mph (32 km/h) with using the pedal assist, but I could tell that I was doing a decent amount of the work. At least I got to enjoy those nice full-metal pedals.

And hey, I’m not going to complain too hard over 1.5 mph (2.4 km/h).

blix vika+ electric bicycle

While riding, the Vika+ is more comfortable than I expected. The leather-style, stitched hand grips feel great. I don’t know if they are true leather or not, but even if they are fake, they look so nice that you could have fooled me.

And the cushy saddle feels great, too. I wish it kept the same stitching as the hand grips since they look so elegant, but the pair still seem to match pretty well. And the included grab handle under the saddle works great for positioning the bike when you need to move it around tight spaces like an elevator or your living room.

The saddle also lifts up to clear the way for the battery to be removed, in case you ever want to take the battery off the bike. That’s useful for charging inside or just decreasing the chance of getting your battery stolen when parked outside. The battery locks to the frame, of course, but anything you can do to make the bike a less attractive target is helpful.

The only problem with a bike that looks this good is that it’s sure to garner unwanted attention from those with sticky fingers. So make sure to throw a double lock on the Blix Vika+!

Speaking of the battery, 48 V and 14 Ah is a great size. The battery is still fairly small, physically. But with 672 Wh, you can ride for days and days before needing to recharge.

The battery also powers the built-in lights on the bike, which I love. It just makes so much sense! Why worry about swapping AAA batteries in bike lights when you have a giant battery on the bike already?

The rest of the bike parts are pretty nice, too. Nothing is top notch, but it all fits the moderate price level of the bike. The Shimano Aires 7 speed setup isn’t top of the line, but is still a good quality transmission.

At $1,699, I sure would have loved some entry-level hydraulic disc brakes, especially since I’ve seen them on electric folding bikes below this price range. But the mechanical Tektro disc brakes are probably sufficient for the speeds and loads we’re looking at here.

blix vika+ electric bicycle

When it comes to loads, the Blix Vika+ has you set here, too.

The rear rack comes standard and offers a built-in safety bungee (no eye-gouging hooks) that connects into special mounts on the sides of the rack. There’s also a mounting location on the head tube at the front of the bike that can support various cargo accessories like front racks and baskets.

blix vika+ electric bicycle

I can’t speak to how well these work because I didn’t try them yet, but they look pretty good, and they mount to the frame, meaning they won’t swing around when you steer. However, the wide range of options in Blix’s new line of cargo accessories, is definitely impressive, so it’s worth checking out if you’re already considering getting a Blix bike.

Blix Vika+ folding e-bike cargo

The low step-through design of the frame makes mounting a breeze. I’m not really big on skirts or dresses myself, but those who are will find the Vika+ to be quite welcoming. Everyone will enjoy the ease of riding a low-slung step-through bike like this. It’s nice to not have to throw your leg over the bike when you have on a heavy backpack or are loaded down with kids or cargo on the rack.

The only bummer that jumps out at me after all of my miles so far is the bike’s suspension. There’s none to speak of, though I can’t decide if that’s a bad thing.

blix vika+ electric bicycle

Sure, it’s easy to say, “I wish they’d add suspension.” But at what cost? To keep the price at this level, that would basically mean a cheap spring suspension fork. And that sucker wouldn’t be nearly as robust as the current fork. So would I rather have a strong e-bike or one with basic level front suspension? Probably the former, to be honest.

While the ride gets a bit harsh once the sidewalk or bike lane surface turns rough, I find myself just lifting out of the saddle a bit when I hit obstacles, as I would on any other non-suspension bike.


The Blix Vika+’s $1,699 price tag isn’t cheap, but is fair in my opinion.

Keep in mind that the bike comes with built-in lights, higher-quality, puncture-resistant tires, full metal fenders and rack, 7 speed drivetrain, and a pretty big 672 Wh battery.

Those parts are often expensive upgrades on other bikes. Plus, you’re buying from a reputable company that uses proper construction and offers a pretty sweet design to boot.

So while it doesn’t beat some other popular modestly priced e-bikes on price, the Vika+ certainly has a lot going for it and enough differentiators to set it apart from the rest of the pack. It would make a great city bike and commuter option for many people.

What about you? What do you think of the Blix Vika+ folding electric bicycle? Let us know in the comments below.

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