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The new 2017 BMW i3 will have ~120 miles of range and start production in the summer

Verschiffung BMW i3 in Bremerhaven 11-2015

BMW has been talking about introducing a higher capacity battery pack for a while now. At first, we were talking about a roughly 25% improvement on the EPA-rated range of 81 miles, which would have increased the range to about 100 miles.

Later, the increase was then said to be closer to about a 50% increase based on comments by BMW AG board member Ian Robertson. It looks like BMW is now sticking to that number and even used it to advertise the next generation, which should be made available this summer.

BMW i owners are reporting having received mailers from the automaker to advertise the upcoming 2017 BMW i3 with “50% more range” and as arriving in July – in the UK at least.

New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) should list the new range at around 150 miles on a single charge, while the EPA-rated range should achieve around 120 miles. It’s consistent with what Robertson suggested earlier this year.

The new range is expected to be achieved with higher energy density cells.

Some of the mailers were shared on the BMW i3 Facebook group (via InsideEVs)

BMW dealers in the UK are saying that the battery upgrade, which is expected to include DC fast-charging capability, will add £1,350 ($1,950 USD) to the price tag. The BMW i3 currently starts at $42,275 in the US and £25,680 in the UK.

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  1. wky - 7 years ago

    just a cabin on wheel which really ugly looking who wear a batch of a BMW.

    • Mouse - 7 years ago

      Do you mean… Just a cabin on wheels, witch is really ugly looking andMouse wears a BMW badge?

  2. Boris - 7 years ago

    How about 120miles BEV vs 80 miles + rex at the same price. Which one would sell better, I think I know the answer…

  3. Kharan - 7 years ago

    Boxy looking small toy car with a range that is not really usable in real life and they even dare to increase the price. Truly priceless, they just don’t get it. Model 3 costs less than this abomination. If they would have any sense they would have slashed the price for like 10k. If things keep going like this German automakers will soon be dining with Nokia and the rest of the dinosaurs.

    • Leeper - 7 years ago

      Why would they cut the price? They will be the only premium bev with a 120 mile range on the market. Leaving the price high initially will grab some early buyers at a high profit while leaving room to discount when the bolt ev debuts at the end of the year.

      • stevejust (@stevejust) - 7 years ago

        How many of the people who want a luxury BEV failed to put a deposit on the Tesla Model ≡ ? With 400,000 deposits, I’m not sure there are very many people left to buy the new i3.

  4. Nøderak - 7 years ago

    I like the i3. it the least expensive CF tub you can buy. It has plenty of range for what I need. 2nd gen here I come!

  5. Taylor Marks - 7 years ago

    I can imagine that they’re seeing the Tesla Model 3 as far enough away to not worry about it right now – this car is going to ship at least a year before the Model 3.

    What’s more surprising to me is how non-competitive this is with the Chevy Bolt. The bolt will be shipping in “late 2016”. This will be shipping in “July 2016”. At best, this is shipping only 6 months ahead of the Bolt. Realistically, I think it’ll be closer to 3 months ahead of the Bolt.

    If you wait just 3 months longer, you get a car that looks about as good (they’re both ugly boxes on wheels), has an 80% longer range, and is $5000 cheaper.

    • Julien Gélinas - 7 years ago

      BMW has always been about the brand, and you pay a premium for that. It’s also funny how Tesla Model 3 is viewed as a luxury car, and even if it will cost 2500$ less than the Chevrolet Bolt, the latter is seen as a more affordable and regular car just because it’s from GM.

      • Benjamin (@NSbenjamins) - 7 years ago

        I mean look at the Bolt. The Honda Fit has better styling.
        They are trying to sell a 27k car (At most) for 37k, just because it’s an EV.

      • EV_excellent - 7 years ago

        BMW has always have beautiful car s to go with the brand, the i3 is an exception( BMW brand on an ugly car)

  6. This for $42 000? THIS?!!? Ha ha. Good luck with that BMW! Make a true EV or get the hell out of here.

    • steeereo - 7 years ago

      Well, BMW doesn’t really want it’s regular customers do buy the i3 because they make a good profit on their non-electric cars. Look at the design, look at the price, they clearly want this car only to be bought by people who normally wouldn’t consider buying a BMW.

      • EV_excellent - 7 years ago

        Hope BMW regular customers like me all go for Model 3

  7. Orlando - 7 years ago

    If you charge at home 120miles is enough for daily driving. The i3 is also the most efficient electric in the world. So you get the lowest cost electric range. And the most range per kWh of charge.

    Last I read California has 12 Ev’s for every 1 public charging station. As more Ev’s are sold having the flexibility to use a Rex when needed is a big life saver.

    Tesla’s are great cars and have a very specific use case. But they don’t address all real world driving needs.

    Anyone that buys an EV should also buy a solar system if possible to guarantee clean energy usage. Because of the size of a Tesla battery and wieght you will need a larger solar system. For the same daily driving in an i3 vs Tesla.


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