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Tesla teasing ‘Keeping it 100’ emoji (💯), will we see the P100D battery option soon?


Tesla’s Facebook account now has the keeping it 100 emoji (💯).  While the emoji means “To Keep Or Stay Truthful Or Staying The Same” most folks are seeing it as a hint that Tesla is about to release its much anticipated 100kWh battery option.

We had heard some false reports that the battery was going to launch with the Model S update but if this is it it seems like it would have been delayed, possibly by certification or safety inspections or just plain old development/scarcity.

Two months ago, hacker Jason Hughes hinted that he found references to a 100kWh battery in the Tesla OS code. Since then, speculation has centered on when the battery would be released and the specs that it would introduce. Not only would the range be improved.

With that extra bit of battery and some other small tweaks, maybe Tesla can bump its top range to significantly over 300 miles from the current 288 EPA-rated of the 90D. If the math works, a 11% increase in battery should bump the 100D to around 320 miles of range.

The bigger battery could also introduce yet some more performance improvements. the 11% more power, If it can be delivered to the engines proportionally, might even drop the Ludicrously low 2.8 sec 0-60 time.


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  1. MorinMoss - 7 years ago

    I hope they don’t do anything to lower the 0-60 time – it’s plenty quick enough and anything below 4.5s is scary quick.
    But some improvement in the rolling acceleration, 30-70 mph, 50-90 mph would, I think, be welcome.

  2. Taylor Marks - 7 years ago

    When Tesla went from Insane to Ludicrous, the 0-60 dropped from 3.1 to 2.8, bringing them from being the ~12th fastest production car in the world to the 6th fastest (they’re now 7th fastest – one car has since been released that’s faster). If they can shave another 0.3 seconds off the time, that would make it the fastest production car ever.

    The top speed needs to be raised if they’re going to have any chance winning in quarter mile races, though.

    • Bubba2000 - 7 years ago

      Higher energy density and output will improve Tesla hi end performance. However, the cabling, inverter output will have to be upgraded. I suspect the induction motor rotor cage will have to be augmented to increase the torque, rpm and power output at the higher end. Tesla does not use gearbox transmission, just a reduction gear. So the torque, rpm, power curve will have to improved electrically. Very complex.

      The Model S weighs around 4700 lbs with dual motors. Tesla could optimize the structure, use hi strength/weight alloys, etc and reduce the mass by 500 lbs. In reality, the Model S does not need that kind of performance for a family sedan. As it is, many folks can barely stand the 0-60 mph without getting dizzy of the day. I would like to see Tesla refine the interior, seats, may be increase the range.

      But… Elon is not going to build slow cars. Tesla is probably working on something like Warp Mode, to make the MS get the fastest metics.

      • Jack - 7 years ago

        in about a decade first model S will become available to young people (financely)band (IF) too many accidents come with it insurance company’s may starts to charge huge amount to insure this car…Hope I’m wrong…

  3. Guychicago - 7 years ago

    I feel it is 100k cars sold

  4. DON REXER - 7 years ago

    This is so neat and pretty predictable too. Just after I bought my Model S, they sent me a cool gift by OTA. The 85D power was increased by about 40hp. Just because Tesla wants everyone to have a Model 3 doesn’t mean they don’t want to sell the S and the X any more. Nope, they will still be making plenty of profit from the higher end vehicles.

  5. RaleG - 7 years ago

    And what about the double line under the 100? is this an indication for “Warp Mode” as Bubba2000 suggest?!

  6. Luke - 7 years ago

    Estimates on arrival of a P100D ?

  7. Joe - 7 years ago

    Hope the put in a new Johnson rod!

  8. sum gy - 7 years ago

    boom. and today, we have the p100dL. 2.5 seconds. 315 mile range (I guess they made the pack heavier)


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