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First look at the Tesla Model S with new front-end [Updated]

model S refresh

Update: It’s now official. Here’s our post on the new and updated Model S.

We first reported on an expected Tesla Model S facelift at the end of last year and even though Tesla denied working on a design refresh at the time, it became increasingly clear that it was in the works. We have since then received information from sources on exactly what that would look like, as well as new features to be introduced with the updated sedan.

Today Tesla is expected to make it official and to release the new design and specs, but we already received a picture from a reader as Tesla is currently updating the Model S advertising at its retail locations.

The flagship sedan now shares more features with its younger and bigger brother, the Model X.

As you can see the front is very similar if not identical to the Model X’s:


The angle of the picture makes it look disproportionate, but we should have more pictures and information to share with you in the next few hours. Stay tuned.

Update: As Amin pointed out in the comments below, it looks like there could be new cameras on the side-view mirrors. Hard to tell. New Autopilot hardware?/

Last week we shared a spy shot of a Model S with protective tape on the front-end. It looks like it could have been the new front-end seen above, but it is unconfirmed. The picture was taken at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Hat tip to Ivan.

Update: Tesla updated its online design studio with the new front-end:

model s refresh design studio

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  1. Maurice Schönen - 7 years ago

    It looks lovely!

    Yes it looks similar to the Model X but not too much 🙂

  2. md - 7 years ago

    This confirms what I wrote in the X recall post, they wanted to do it Monday but had to legally get the recall info out ASAP.
    So the announcement got pushed to next day. Looks like this information didn’t trickle down to whoever handles these in store displays.

  3. Steven - 7 years ago

    No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    • Connor Bennett - 7 years ago

      Yeah.. Not the best looking, if that’s what your implying…

      • Steven - 7 years ago

        My point exactly.

  4. md - 7 years ago

    Fred what do you think of having polls sometimes on this site? Would be great to get a glimpse of public opinion. Hard to gauge what people generally feel on subjective matters like this.

    • Fred Lambert - 7 years ago

      Good idea. We will add one when we have the official pictures.

  5. Chris - 7 years ago

    So happy I cancelled my order and waited!

    • md - 7 years ago

      I don’t think that is a good idea. The price will go up for sure, and you may have gotten the new model regardless, just like the autopilot was included at no extra cost or even customers knowing it who ordered before the announcement.

      • Chris - 7 years ago

        No. I entered production too soon. I knew the refresh was coming and tried to keep pushing back but my DS let it enter production and confirmed I would get the Classic Style. Forget that. I’ll pay more for the latest.

      • md - 7 years ago

        Ah, so you know what you’re doing. Well done.

      • md - 7 years ago

        You can try ordering again today… would be quite cheeky though.

  6. Amin Wahi - 7 years ago

    See the camera on the rear view mirror

    • md - 7 years ago

      There does seem to be a camera there! Upgraded autopilot?

  7. Todd Joseph Miller - 7 years ago

    OMG! I love that look, wow that’s awesome, they nailed it… that looks amazing… Really nice

  8. darthbelichick07 - 7 years ago

    Here’s a link to the fullsize side-view. Definitely looks like forward facing cameras mounted on the side-view mirrors.

    • Rikaishi - 7 years ago

      Stereoscopic forward vision for the autopilot?

  9. Jack - 7 years ago

    I like it a lot. Hope they can do something similar with the Model 3.

  10. Francesco - 7 years ago

    Looks like it features redesigned headlights too (full LED?)

  11. Trev Page - 7 years ago

    As soon as I saw the Model X nose at the last reveal I knew the whole product line would get it in time. Model 3 was shown before the Model S update because it would have tipped everyone off as to what the 3 would look like. Get used to it haters, the nose cone is DEAD.

  12. Rikaishi - 7 years ago

    The nosecone was really just an unnecessary bauble which was there to make the Model S look like a conventional car and not a “weird-mobile”. Now that Tesla is a bit more confident it can drop the design crutch, and eliminate some complexity from their S/X production line in the process.

  13. Marc - 7 years ago

    Damn, looks awesome in the design studio pic. I’m blown away, I hope the final front end on the 3 looks more similar to that.

  14. Martin Y. Welzl - 7 years ago

    75D option now for model x

  15. Peter Hugosson-Miller - 7 years ago

    Very nice!

  16. Tomasz Siemienczyk - 7 years ago

    excellent I buy it

  17. Frank - 7 years ago

    Still looks mediocre, but that plexi bubble was awful. Germans will destroy TSLA in style, need to up their game by 2018!

  18. Adolfo - 7 years ago

    @Elonmusk love the model 3, preordered 2, but can you make it with 2 ultra wide falcon wing doors instead of the four doors? That should look cooler, be more aerodynamic and double your orders. instantly recognizable from afar as a tesla signature feature on all cars and immediately easier and cheaper to make if they are the new standard car doors.


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